Continuing the connection: The Tides, JTMP, and the Threshold

As many of us have recently read the history behind one Brett Kimberlin, I will do just a short recap.  Very short.  He was found guilty of setting off bombs at an Indiana racetrack.  While in prison he learned law and became a jailhouse lawyer.  He has filed 100+ lawsuites against people.  He has been embraced by the extreme left leaning aspect of American society.  He started a non-profit group called Justice Through Music Project and has recieved donations from people like Barbra Steisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry (wife of Democratic Senator John Kerry).  The non-profit has also recieved donations from the extremely left leaning Tides Foundation which has ties to Drummond Pike and George Soros (if you do not know who these two are, please do the research). 

Do to recent events between Kimberlin and Conservative Blogger Robert Stacy McClain, today was dubbed Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin Day.  Here’s the post that set it off  You can read all the updates from there.  So I did a little look to see what more we can see.

The Tides Foundation’s donations alone were not the only ties they had to JTMP.  Since 2006 the Threshold Foundation out of San Fransisco gave JTMP $54,090.  This is important because the Threshold Foundation is a breeding ground for future members of the board at the Tides Foundation and has a very close relationship to theTides Foundation.  Here are the bios of two members of the Tides Foundation Board of Directors –

Joanie Bronfman
Joanie Bronfman is a long-time advocate for social justice and donor activism. She is the Associate Dean of the Family Office Exchange Learning Center and works as a consultant and speaker on issues of wealth. Over the years, Joanie has served on the boards of Tides Canada and the Threshold Foundation; where she helped found Threshold’s Social Justice Committee.

Joel Solomon
Joel Solomon is President of Renewal Partners seed capital firm and the Endswell Foundation, both focused on a conservation economy in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a founding Board member of Tides Canada, former President of the Threshold Foundation, and a founding member of the Social Venture Network.

Also Drummond Pike, founder of the Tides Foundation was the Director of the Threshold Foundation at one point.  As posted in –

So, in 1984 Tides Foundation and Drummond Pike took over the management problems of Threshold Foundation and incorporated it in 1986, setting it on a more businesslike path, but retaining its ultra-liberal view that saw American society as rife with injustice and in need of radical transformation.

Now this is pretty interesting.  Let’s take 2008 alone.  Threshold Foundation gave JTMP $20,000.  Tides gave JTMP $10,000.  Threshold gave Tides $73,642.  Tides gave Threshold $205,307!  And these groups are pushing the Occupy movement to fight the 1%?  With all that money passed around one must ask the question who are the 1%? 

Another thing that jumps out is a group called Velvet Revolution.  Mr. Kimberlin doesn’t hide his relationship with VR.  His business partner at JTMP is Jeff Cowen (see JTMP tax return from 2008 –  Jeff Cowen is also the Executive Director of VR  (see VR tax return from 2008 –  Check out this video put out by JTMP which was put out as a result of Ohio voting for G.W. in 2004.  (As a member of the military I am disgusted by this video and find it highly offensive to the memories of those who have fallen!)  The end credits of the video clearly direct you to  VR has recieved a whopping $238,984 from the Threshold Foundation since 2004.  In 2008 alone Threshold gave VR $35,000.

I’m not here to express anything else but what I’ve found.  I will let others dig a bit deeper.  There are tons of great informational articles today about Mr. Kimberlin, so I ask that you do your own research.


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