A Crazy Thought – Did the Democrats Throw the Wisconsin Recall?

I know this may sound crazy but let’s take a look at what they’ve been saying about certain things.

First, we have the Liberal funded Occupy Movement.  The Occupiers have been up in arms protesting those corporations which they dubbed as the 1%.  They attack banks everywhere and claim that big business is oppressing the common person or what they describe as the 99%. 

Next, we have the Liberal politicians and their class warfare barrage.  They are claiming that the richest of Americans do not pay their fair share and should be taxed more in order to fund the government social handouts that so many Americans are dependent on.

Next, we have the fact that the amount of money spent in the Wisconsin Recall Election leaned tremendously towards the right.  Walker outspent Barrett $34 million to $4 million. 

Finally, we have the Main Stream Media using the disparity of spending in this election as the main reason that Walker won.  They are stating that if you spend enough money to get your message across then people will hear it.

All this is fine and dandy, but let’s look at the facts.

First, the Occupy Movement includes people like Michael Moore who are the 1% of the riches people in America.  It was proven that many people in the original Occupy Movement were either hired or there for college credit.  Some didn’t even have a clue why they were there.  In actuality they should not be protesting against the businesses who give the people jobs, but instead the government regulation which raise our cost of living, make it near impossible to live out the American Dream, and have oppressed more people than any private corporation ever has.

Next, class warfare is an imaginary war created by a foolish group of people who want to oppress the people by forcing the cost of living beyond what they can afford.  How do you do this?  They do this by overtaxing the rich into passing the taxes along to the consumer.  This will force everything we buy to be more expensive and make it impossible to live without being dependent on the government.  The more they can force people onto government dependency, the more control they have of the people.

Next, the spending in this race is solid fact, but is it reality?  The amount of funding that Governor Walker received was large, but could it have been matched or topped by the Liberal machine?  The answer is absolutely, yes!  You see 14 of the top 20 political donors from 1998-2012 are Liberal leaning.  Eleven of those 14 are unions.  The Liberals complained that the Koch Brothers effected this elections with donation and they did.  Problem with this is historically between 1998-2012 the Koch Brothers have given just over $12 million in donations, the 11 unions in the top twenty have given over $444 billion dollars in that same time frame.  Just to give you an example in North Carolina Congressional District 12, Liberal/Socialist stall worth Mel Watt has a huge donation advantage over his opponent Jack Brosch.  What people do not know is that over $304 thousand of Watt’s major donations $327,650 were given by PACs and Committees. 

Finally the MSM is looking for any reason it can to sway this election into a positive light for the Liberals.  What better way to do this than to paint the light of the evil 1% coming in and buying an election.  They ignore the fact that 38% of union households voted for Walker.  They ignore the fact that the unions tried to intimidate this election for their good.  They refuse to acknowledge the people of Wisconsin who truly gave a message to the entire United States that they will not tolerate this injustice in their state. 

So now back to my original thought.  Did the Democrats throw the Wisconsin Recall Election?

Ask these few questions for yourself and then once again come back to the original question.

With the presence of the Occupiers at the anti-Walker rallies, was there an attempt to tie Walker in with the so called 1% which the movement is against?

With the fear mongering the union officials and Liberals in general were preaching, was there an attempt to divide the chasm of classes through messages like the rich versus the unions or the GOP versus the working man?

Could the unions have outspent the Koch brothers and other donors had they decided to?

Why did the unions, who have a storied history of indulgence donations to Liberal candidates, fail to outspend the Walker Campaign?

Why did the Democratic Party fail to support Mayor Barrett financially until the last minute when they were at one point calling this the most important election in America second to the Presidency?

If other Liberal candidates are getting the majority of their major funding from PACs and committees, why was Barrett’s coffer not closer to Walkers?

Why was the media so quick to turn this election into an issue about money rather than an election about the issues?

Could this be a slight of hand where the Liberals sacrifice a major, nationally publicized state election for the purpose to create class warfare and tie the GOP to the evil 1%?

So did the Democrats throw the Wisconsin Recall Election?  The circumstances allow this as a possibility.  When I go through and answer these questions it pops into my head that it’s a better possibility than not.  The Liberals are trying to establish any dialog that takes our attention off of the economy and jobs.  Problem is that they have been doing this for so long now they are most of the time predictable.  This play may be another attempt to change that dialog and go to their strength which is to play off of emotions rather than common sense.  I’ll let you look at what happened and determine for yourself, but I do ask that you watch closely what happens in the next few days.  If the dialog increases about the campaign spending issue, then what I am proposing here is true.  If it tones down in the MSM, then they are clear and good luck in November.  I can let you know for sure one thing, I’ll be watching.


UPDATE:  My blog is designed to get people to think, do your own research, and then come up with your own solutions.  This post is a perfect example of this.  So do your own research and watch what happens in the coming weeks and months.

UPDATE 2:  It seems the spending differential is not as stagering as first thought.  Big Journalism has done the math and found that the 7 to 1 ration the Liberals are spinning is just another attempt at smoke and mirrors.  They are playing this as the evil 1% who are the GOP, when in reality they spent near $25 Million themselves to Walker’s $34 million.  And the thing about it is that they are counting money which was spent for Walker and not counted against his campaign, yet they refuse to count the same type of money spent for Barrett.  Typical hypocritical tactics used by the Socialists in the DNC.  To me it still looks plausible that the DNC didn’t try in this election as hard as they could have, but it’s now more plausible that they purposely hid the funding by having outside sources pay for their own adds as a fall back to claim the 7 to 1 spending ratio.  Please do the research and find out for yourself how the lies are flying.  Here’s the story from BJ –


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