Moron of the Week: Greta Hawkins

I’d like to congratulate our “Moron of the Week” award winner Edna Cohen School principal Greta Hawkins, for slapping the face of Veterans everywhere who have served this nation.

You ask who is Greta Hawkins and why does she deserve the time of this post?  She is a principal in Brooklyn, NY who has used her sovereign power to prevent kindergarten students from singing one of the greatest patriotic anthems ever written, ‘God Bless the U.S.A.”

Ever since I was in high school, our choir sung Lee Greenwood’s classic anthem.  It sent chills down my spine every time I heard it.  I enjoyed being part of something so patriotic and near to my heart.  When I joined the Army I lead my platoon in this song when I was in training.  I often sung the song to myself and continued to take pride in this song.  This is one song that has continued through my life.  I recently resurrected singing it at an Army school late last year singing it before my class with no accompaniment.  I didn’t need any accompaniment because the song is imbedded in my mind and heart.  I do not need words and will never need words.

So why would Greta Hawkins do this?  She “claims” that ‘we don’t want to offend other cultures’.  Wow, I bet the PC police are happy that they have a new spokes”person” on board for their side.  But then again is Principal Hawkins someone they want on their side?  I’m sure glad she’s not on ours. 

Doing a web search on her I found some incredibly startling facts on Principal Hawkins that leave me with one blazing question, “Why is she still working?”  I found peer reviews of Miss Hawkins from teachers for 29 January, 19 February, and 28 April.  The majority of the reviews in each of the reports state that shee is one of the poorest rated principal’s I have ever seen.  In the 29 Jan report – – a teacher gave her all “poor” ratings in every aspect of her job.  Same in the 19 February report –  The most extensive report was the 28 April report –  This report has 19 teachers who reviewed her job performance and 13 of the 19 gave her all poor or very poor ratings.  What is it saying when a large majority of the faculty under a principal see nothing but a “poor” figure.  See the reports for yourself and see if it doesn’t make you scratch your head.  To quote one of the teachers – “Greta Hawkins is vindictive and malicious towards everyone who is not in her close circle of trusted employes until she decides they are no longer useful to her”.

Next thing I found was an article titled “Brooklyn principal a ‘bully’.  WHAT?  That’s right it seems that our good friend Greta Hawkins has been threatening parents by saying that she’ll turn then in to the Administration for Children Services.  A parent group called “Action Committee to Save PS-90” has brought allegations to the District 21 Community Education Council, who School Chancellor Dennis Walcot said he couldn’t deal with “personnel specifics publically”.  I’m not even going into the spineless action of Mr. Walcott, but as I read the article, the laundry list against Miss Hawkins is very long.  I’ll also say that the laundry is not clean.  The amazing part of this article is that it is a union periodical –  Just to give you an idea of the person we are mentioning here I will take one quote from the article – “She’s not a boss who pushes the staff to work better. She’s a boss who lies to end your career,” said one longtime school veteran, who asked for anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Her reign of stupid does go back ever farther –  From what I’ve read the 9 teachers who filed the complaint have been reassigned instead of Principal Hawkins being removed. 

With all this evidence that has piled up over the years the big question goes to Isabel Dimola, the Community District Superintendent.  Miss Dimola, Why does Principal Hawkins have a job?  To quote the union article – Hawkins’ critics say she took a healthy school culture and made it toxic.

This is just a small example why me and my wife home school.


UPDATE:  Nice article from the NY Post that goes into her latest episode in detail.  See for yourself:

UPDATE 2:  Please ‘Like’ the FaceBook page Fire Greta Hawkins and become the solution to this problem.  We need to come together and help PS90 end this reign of terror.

UPDATE 3:  It seems that Dennis Walcott is at it again.  Ignoring the concerns of faculty and parents, Cancellor Walcott sides with his beloved dictator principal.  This is systemic and the concern needs to be elevated.  This is a multi-level corruption that needs to be defeated from the outside.  If we need to, let Mayor Bloomberg hear what the nation has to say.  Even though I’m in NC, the children of America are very important to me.  This principal, and now Chancellor Walcott are setting these kids and the future of this nation into the garbage with their heavy handed, dictorial rule.  Reminds me alot of past governments who ruled their people merciously and with great fear and contempt.  I am now asking the ouster of both Principal Hawkins and Chancellor Walcott!

UPDATE 4:  Mayor Bloomberg announces that Beiber is gone saying it was Principal Hawkin’s decision.  He is backed by Chancelor Walcott.  Also Lee Greenwood speaks out!  “I’m just disappointed. I’ve sung it at many elementary schools myself. It’s always a wonderful moment,”  Also it seems that Principal Hawkins is being investigated by the DOE for hitting a student while taking a cell phone away.  This and more –

  1. Principal concern
    To the Editor:

    Your March 8 article on PS 90 Principal Greta Hawkins [“Brooklyn principal a ‘bully’”] was right on target.

    During my 27 years of teaching, I had many supervisors who helped me become the kind of teacher that I loved being. This was the case at PS 90, District 21, where I taught for 22 years and was chapter leader for eight years until my retirement in 2010.

    I am proud to say that I worked side by side with two administrators to make the school a happy, healthy and productive environment in partnership with the PTA and the School Leadership Team.

    Ever since Greta Hawkins became principal in 2009,

    PS 90 has become a place of fear. Hawkins tries to eliminate the more seasoned teachers while discrediting others using bullying tactics. The principal’s constant negative attitude toward the teachers created a hostile learning environment.

    In retaliation for my activism as chapter leader, Hawkins removed me from my position as Academic Intervention Services teacher and put me back in the classroom in my final year, even though I had been very successful in getting the school’s at-risk students to improve their skills.

    In a weekly letter to staff, Hawkins mentioned that $3,600 in Title I parent funds was unaccounted for and she didn’t have to explain to the UFT where it was. It wasn’t the UFT but the School Leadership Team that was asking, and the SLT had every right to know where the money went.

    When will the DOE wake up and restore a sound educational leader to PS 90?

    Eileen Michaels, retired

    • David Logan
    • June 10th, 2012

    What is wrong with us. People like this woman should be sent to a country that will more conform to their liking. We need to have a fund, to which I would gladly contribute, to ship these types out of America. And of course, she is black, which means that we are supposed to be careful about what we say about her actions. Well I don’t have to be careful. There have been in the history of America many black men and women who have fought to give all of us freedom. That freedom they and many others have given us allows her to think and say what she wants personally, but not to push her values on young, impressionable youngsters who will grow up to hopefully continue the legacy of freedom for all Americans. She, like our moron President, have an agenda that is distinctly different from the majority of Americans. If we let them go unchecked, they will, without question, destroy our country. They need to be encouraged to leave and go to another country that fits into their belief and value structure. I will be happy to help arrange that.

    • Robert
    • June 11th, 2012

    I will personally buy her a one way plane ticket out of our country.

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