Introducing Jack Brosch

As I entered Thomas Street Tavern in Charlotte, NC I saw a man looking at the pictures on the wall.  He was exploring the rock-n-roll memorabilia that was strewn all over the walls at the classic downtown diner.  I called out “Jack” and I heard him respond.  Over the next couple of hours I got to meet one of the most down-to-Earth individuals you could ever talk to.  He admitted he was slightly on the numbers side, but at times I could see the emotion well up inside of him as we talked about what is going on in North Carolina and throughout the nation. 

Jack is running to become the Congressman of District 12 in North Carolina.  He admits he has an uphill battle against Liberal establishment candidate Mel Watt.  It is thought in many circles that Congressman Watt is bulletproof.  I admit it will be tough, but if people start listening to Jack’s message and ignore the D or the R behind the candidate, they will realize he is the better candidate for them.  He is truly for the people and will be a vast improvement from Mel Watt.

As we had lunch we talked about a wide array of subjects.  He is very involved in the Frederick Douglas Foundation to the point where he is trying to get specially made calendars made to educate people about the rich black history within the Republican Party.  He is trying to educate that the Republican Party backs tradition family and the sanctity of life which are traditional church values at all levels.  He wants to help debut C.L. Bryant’s powerful documentary ‘Runaway Slave’ in North Carolina.  He is about truth and is for the people.  In everything he said you could see the passion he has for the people he will serve.

After we ate I had the opportunity to do a lightning round of issues with him.  It shows where he stands on many issues and hopefully is a great introduction on why we should back this man for Congress.  Here are some of his answers and my feelings about them.

~The first thing we talked about was voter ID.  He said he wrote a letter to the NC General Assembly and asked them not to compromise their position of a strong voter ID law.  He said sure we may not get the veto overrode, but what is the greater consequence.  We may see voter fraud during November, but we will see a stronger law in place once we have the Governor seat.

~On illegal immigration the one thing that really jumped out at me was “Secure the Borders”.  He seems to believe in the laws in place and the process for legal immigration we have already. 

~On taxes his ultimate goal is the Fair Tax.  In order to get the Fair Tax he will support 9-9-9.  It’s all about getting rid of what we have right now and moving towards a system that will work.

~On government regulations his words were “stop them!”  He believes in getting rid of a lot of the regulations we have on the books right now.  He also supports the idea that any regulation put into effect that costs the government $100 million or more, must get full approval from Congress before it can be implemented.

~He is a strong supporter of the military and Veterans.  He says that if the US goes to war, the military MUST BE fully funded to include those Veterans who are returning with disabilities.  He also cares about those providers who are exploiting our Veterans into causing fraudulent claims.  He also believes in the funding of NASAA and DARPA.

~He is a strong supporter of the elimination of public unions.  He said it makes no sense for two sides to go into bargaining meetings when the two sides are from the same group.  He is also in support of a national right to work law.

~When it comes to government fraud, he believes that there is enough fraudulent spending in the government to balance the budget.  He believes we need to crack down on those things we spend money on that are waste.  He also believes we should use technology to identify the areas of waste (Jack runs a computer solutions company and knows what he is talking about in this area).

~He believes in opening up an environment that is friendly to creating business and creating jobs.  This is through tax cuts and deregulation.  Also he is for reducing the repatriated tax rate in order to bring money from oversees back into the US.

~He believes that the Federal Department of Education should be shut down and that education should be a state issue. 

~He believes that laws passed by Congress should apply to Congress.  He believes that laws should be available to the public for 72 hours for review before Congress votes on them.  He also believes in the sunset clause.

~He desires for the US to pull out of the UN.  He also has great concern for the Law of Sea Treaty.  He stated a concern that treaties should go through both chambers of the house rather than just the senate.

~He wants the privatization of energy.  He supports shallow water drilling and safe fracking for natural gas.  He does not believe in subsidies.

~He believes in a year to year balanced budget and says he would help shut down the government until they get one passed.

~With great passion he said UN Agenda 21 is one of the most dangerous things America faces.  This is one reason he said the US needs to get out of the UN.

Finally I wanted to show what kind of a person Jack is.  I asked the question ‘What is the number one problem this nation is facing?’  His response, “We are loosing our freedom.  We our loosing our ability to own personal property, we are loosing the ability to earn and keep our money, we are loosing the ability to create businesses, and we are loosing the ability to educate our children as we see fit.”

I then asked ‘How can this problem be fixed’.  He quickly answered very simply, “A Balanced Budget Amendment and the Fair Tax.” 

After I left I realized that I just met with a man who should become the next Congressman from NC District 12.  We just need to get the message out to the people.  I realize you may not agree with 100% of what Jack stands for, but it’s important to understand that he is a 100% improvement over the person sitting in the seat right now. 

If you live in NC District 12, remember to Back Jack in November!  If you do not live there, please help his campaign by giving a small donation.  This is the type of person we need for the sake of America and to fight for freedom.

Remember and repeat after me “I Back Jack!”

  1. Nice job, John. Jack Brosch is a fine gentleman, a real Patriot and a man of ideals, not just ideas. There is a big difference.

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