The True Core of the Progressive

Is it me or do Progressives never cease to reveal their banter of hatred?  Thus goes Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell.  Bothwell has never been shy of criticizing others.  He has made a career of being a humanist who backs his theories as truths backed by more theories and dismisses anyone who does not believe as he does.  He has made a habit in his blog, of belittling Christianity and its followers, which based on his beliefs, are not surprising.  This information is just a set-up of his latest tirade which is steeped in hatred and goes against his self-proclaimed accepted life philosophy, following the Golden Rule (referenced in Wikipedia – )

Let’s review the “Golden Rule”.  As stated by Wikipedia the Golden Rule is also known as the ethic of reciprocity.  Its original form can be express ‘Do unto others as you would have done onto you’ or something very similar.  According to most scholars it is found in nearly every religion in some sort.  It has a positive note as ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’.  It has a negative version as ‘One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated’.  It is a great way to live life and ‘IF’ Councilman Bothwell truly lived like this it may speak volumes of who he could be.  

If this is truly the philosophy which Councilman Bothwell has taken, why did he respond to an op-ed article from columnist John Boyle, who claimed those against UN Agenda 21 are just conspiracy theorists like this –

“Great column, John,
All those in favor of an unsustainable future, raise your hands.
All of you who prefer dumb growth to smart growth, raise your hands.

Now that the idiots have self-identified, perhaps those of us with our hands down can have an adult conversation about the choices we face in a resource-poor world, where 1/6 of the human population don’t have access to potable water, where 1 in 4 American kids go to bed hungry.

As for the flaming fear of world government exhibited by the paranoids with their hands up—apparently they prefer to settle international issues with nukes instead of diplomacy, and don’t want some kind of mechanism for international discussion. Call it the United Nations or the League of Nations, or the Council of Elders, whatever … but thank goodness we have developed systems to achieve peaceful resolution of the big issues that face the globe. Is it perfect? Of course not. Is it essential? Absolutely.”

Here’s the link to this response –

So let’s review.  Cecil wants to live by the golden rule.  He calls some very intelligent and active voters self-identified idiots and paranoids.  Therefore he himself is a self-identified idiot and a paranoid.  It’s an all too common tool by the Progressives to attack common citizens in order to make us look dumb, but it works quite the opposite way.  The irrational hatred in his response takes away from any logical argument he may have had.  It’s becoming an all too common response from Progressives at all levels.

Why would he attack with such fury?  It’s because he has a lot invested in the fear politics of climate change and sustainability.   His own blog states he has ‘has addressed issues of sustainabiliity, human rights and social responsibility in personal appearances and media venues around the world’ (this is straight from his blog so the typo is his own).  His very own blog shows that he speaks of the building blocks of UN Agenda 21 (A21) itself.  His pure investment into A21 is why he has to defend it with such hatred.  He tries to make others look like a fool when in reality his rage expressed makes him look like the hypocrite. 

A21 is a serious and real issue.  The evidence of its existence is everywhere and has been elevated in the recent Rio+20 Conference which just ended.  Its backbone is climate change/sustainability and its claims.  Science has proven that these claims are FALSE!  Check out what Glenn Beck said on his show via an article from –

To learn more about A21 watch this video –

For more information on how to stop A21 from taking a hold in your community or getting it out visit –

It’s people like Cecil Bothwell who are trying to take away our freedoms with hate claims against those who care enough to actually do their own research.  Please do your own research and find the truth for yourselves.  We must be a new generation of Defending Fathers if we want freedoms passed to our children and our grandchildren.  The future of the next generations is in our hands today.


    • Roberta B. Rodgers
    • June 27th, 2012

    I am so sick of so called progressives

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