Dan Forest – NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

At NC4Freedom we take candidates seriously.  As we approach the 2nd Primary as well as the General election, it’s important to learn about the candidates we may be supporting.  The following responses given are staright from the candidate.  Please feel free to look over their answers and make an educated choice come election day.

The following is straight from the questionnaire given to the candidate.  All answers are from the candidate –

NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

This is a base questionnaire for candidates running for office at any level in the state of NC.  Some questions may not apply as written.  If you wish to rephrase and address the question based on the level of government for which you are running you may.  If a question does not apply to the level of office for which you are running you may answer with ‘does not apply’ or give you opinion anyways.  Full participation is appreciated but not required.  We will inform the voters as to those candidates who do not or wish to not reply.

Candidate for – NC LT. GOVERNOR

1.             What is your position on a NC State voter ID law?

I am strongly in favor of protecting one of our most basic rights – the right to vote, and am strongly in favor of photo voter id.

2.             What is your plan to help NC deal with the problem of illegal immigration?

I would like to be the point person on the Executive Team to fight the illegal immigration problem. I believe North Carolina needs to implement e-verify for all North Carolina employers, and we need to implement the 287g program in all North Carolina counties. We also need to mandate English as the official language.

3.             What is your plan to deal with tax rates in the state of NC? (please address state income and gas taxes)

North Carolina has the highest corporate income tax in the Southeast, the highest gas tax in the Southeast, and the highest personal income tax in the Southeast. We need to begin to eliminate the corporate income tax, reduce the gas tax to be competitive with our Southeast neighbors, and to create personal income tax brackets for small businesses. We need to, over time, work to replace the personal income tax with a constitutionally limited fair tax or flat tax.

4.             What will you do to deal with government regulations on individuals, businesses, and industries in NC?

I will continue the precedent that has been set by the current North Carolina legislature to help reduce any and all regulations that harm North Carolina businesses.

5.             What is your position on the US military and Veterans?

North Carolina is the 3rd largest military state in the nation and we need to grow our military presence. I would work with the military to recruit ancillary businesses to support our existing military bases and even grow the existing bases that are here in North Carolina. We need to continue to make our veterans a priority in America and ensure that those who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms are taken care of.

6.             How do you view unions in NC?

We need to continue to ensure that North Carolina remains a right to work state.

7.             Do you see government fraud as a major problem today and what would you do about it?

Yes, the potential is always there for fraud. We need to elect individuals with character and integrity to eliminate the problem.

8.             What part would you play to bring new businesses and jobs into NC?

The Lt. Governor sits on the North Carolina Economic Development Board and has a number of appointment powers to economic development boards and commissions. First and foremost, we need to create a taxation and regulatory environment that is friendly to existing business and to businesses we are trying to recruit. North Carolina ranks 44th in the nation in business tax climate. We need to reduce the taxation and regulatory burden on our existing businesses and allow them to innovate and create jobs.

9.             What are the main problems you have with education today and what are your ideas to help educate future generations?

62% of high school students that graduate and go on to higher education receive some form of remedial reading or remedial math in college. Not only are we not preparing our students to compete in a global economy, in many instances, we are not even teaching them the basics. I believe the solution is to break the state government-controlled monopoly on education and introduce choice, returning the control and decision-making power back to parents, teachers and local communities. When we break the monopoly on education, we will see increased quality, decreased costs and a wave of innovation that will drive competition. The rising tide of innovation will improve all forms of education.

10.            What do you see as the most important foreign policy issue facing NC?

I believe America is losing its status as the leading superpower in the world. Our current executive administration’s policy on appeasement is weakening the strength of our nation.

11.            What are the most pressing issues facing NC use and production of energy?

We need to continue the path that has been started by the current GOP-controlled legislature in opening up the means to explore our energy resources here in North Carolina. We need to begin the exploration of natural gas and oil resources, to ensure future generations that North Carolina can be an energy-independent state.

12.            Section 3, Article V of the NC Constitution gives exceptions to allow the state government to acquire debt.  Do you feel it is time to relook at these exceptions to achieve a no-clause balanced budget amendment, or do you feel these exceptions are legitimate?

I believe that our government, just like individual Americans, needs to live within its means, and needs to have a real balanced budget every year with complete transparency so every taxpaying North Carolinian will know exactly where every one of their dollars is being spent. Currently in North Carolina, there are a number of items that fall outside of the general fund budget, increasing our state’s burden of unfunded liabilities. This process needs to come to an end.

13.            What are your feelings about UN Agenda 21 and what direction do you feel NC as a state should move in the area of sustainability?

I am generally leery of any treaties or agendas proposed by the United Nations. Agenda 21 is an affront to our right to own property and many of our basic freedoms and liberties that we take for granted in America. Like most Americans, I am in favor of protecting the environment, but don’t believe the government should be in the business of subsidizing pet projects for sustainable energy, when this should be a free-market, free-enterprise issue.

14.            What is your opinion on Imminent Domain and annexation?

I am strongly against annexation without representation and strongly in favor of protecting personal property rights.

15.            Where do you stand on the creation of the Southport mega-port project?

Based on my understanding of the Southport mega-port issue and the research that has been done into these issues, the companies that would potentially use this port have made it clear to officials in North Carolina that this is not a viable option for their businesses and they would continue to use ports in Norfolk and Charleston in lieu of North Carolina. Given that basic understanding of the issue, I would not be in favor of the multi-million dollar investment necessary to create this port.

16.            In your opinion, what should the relationship between state/local governments be with its citizens?

I believe that government decision-making and power should be as close to the people as possible. Therefore, I believe in returning as much power as possible to the local governments first, to the state government second, and to the national government third.

17.            What is your opinion of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Law which prevents NC bloggers to become on-line associates of companies like Amazon?

The internet has opened up numerous opportunities for small business owners in our state. Why kill the goose that laid the golden egg?

18.            What do you want voters to know about you?

My background is business and architecture, not politics. I will bring a business-minded approach to solving the challenges that face North Carolina. As architects, we are visionaries, planners, creative problem solvers and consensus-builders. I believe these are the types of qualities needed in North Carolina government at the executive level.

19.            What is the #1 problem facing the office for which you are running and how do you propose addressing that problem?

Back in the 1980s, some of the duties and responsibilities of the Office of Lt. Governor were stripped from the Republican Lt. Governor by a Democrat legislature. I believe that, over time, those powers should be returned to their rightful place.


I want to personally thank Mr. Forest for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.  I understand that he is in a whirlwind runoff which takes up a good amount of his time.  I would like to wish him good luck on 17 July.


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