Mike Causey – NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

At NC4Freedom we take candidates seriously.  As we approach the 2nd Primary as well as the General election, it’s important to learn about the candidates we may be supporting.  The following responses given are staright from the candidate.  Please feel free to look over their answers and make an educated choice come election day.

The following is straight from the questionnaire given to the candidate.  All answers are from the candidate –

NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

This is a base questionnaire for candidates running for office at any level in the state of NC.  Some questions may not apply as written.  If you wish to rephrase and address the question based on the level of government for which you are running you may.  If a question does not apply to the level of office for which you are running you may answer with ‘does not apply’ or give you opinion anyways.  Full participation is appreciated but not required.  We will inform the voters as to those candidates who do not or wish to not reply.

Mike Causey  – NC Commissioner of insurance

What is your position on a NC State voter ID law?

1. I support a voter ID law and will work to make photo ID a requirement for voting in NC.

What is your plan to help NC deal with the problem of illegal immigration?

2. I will work to enforce laws on illegal immigration and increase penalties on employers hiring illegal aliens.

What is your plan to deal with tax rates in the state of NC? (please address state income and gas taxes)

3. As a member of the Council-of-State, I will work and vote to lower state income taxes and lower state gasoline taxes.

What will you do to deal with government regulations on individuals, businesses, and industries in NC? 

4. I will work to cut government regulations and red tape in business and the NC Department of insurance. I will streamline regulations and simplify the operations of this department to make it more responsive to THE PEOPLE.

What is your position on the US military and Veterans? 

5. As a veteran of the Unites States Army, having served overseas during the VietNam era, I carried a badge and a gun as a Military Policeman. I also served in the U.S. Army Band in active duty, U.S. Army Reserves and the North Carolina national Guard. I am a strong supporter of the military and our veterans.

How do you view unions in NC?

6. I support our current Right to Work laws. Workers should not be forced to join a union, but they can if they want to join through their own free will and accord.

Do you see government fraud as a major problem today and what would you do about it?

7. Yes, I do see government fraud (and abuse) as a problem and will work to get rid of any fraud and abuse under my jurisdiction.

What part would you play to bring new businesses and jobs into NC?

8. As Commissioner of Insurance, I will work to bring more insurance companies (and other companies) and jobs, to North Carolina. I will develop a “free market system” of insurance and increase competition to lower rates and improve service to the people and will open up new markets to help the local economy and stimulate new jobs.

What are the main problems you have with education today and what are your ideas to help educate future generations?

9. As a former teacher, with actual classroom teaching experience, we need to get the federal government out of education and reduce the role of the state and return control to the parents and local (County) government. There is too much ‘social engineering’ and ‘political correctness’ and not enough basic education skills taught. We should return prayer to the class room and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each school day or week.  I will work to promote home schools, charter schools, Christian Schools, Private Schools and other alternatives to public schools, while working to improve our public schools. I want to cut the number of administrators and reduce school budgets to make public schools more accountable to the taxpayers and parents.

A major change needs to occur to bring more focus on Christianity and higher standards of conduct. We need to ‘push back’ this onslaught of the New World order, Agenda 21 and indoctrination of Islamic Law into our public schools, which currently exists, before it is too late.

What do you see as the most important foreign policy issue facing NC?

10. The most important ‘Foreign Policy’ issue facing the U.S. is illegal immigration and the aggressive push by Islamic Extremists to gain a foothold in our schools and communities.

What are the most pressing issues facing NC use and production of energy?

11. The most pressing issues facing NC in energy is the lack of production in our state. We need to promote drilling for oil and natural gas, offshore on within the state, as well as promote other forms or energy production. New jobs and opportunities would arise with a push for energy production.

Section 3, Article V of the NC Constitution gives exceptions to allow the state government to acquire debt.  Do you feel it is time to relook at these exceptions to achieve a no-clause balanced budget amendment, or do you feel these exceptions are legitimate? 

12. I believe that it is past time to re-look at the exceptions to acquire debt by state government.

It needs to be much harder to acquire debt; We need zero-based budgeting and a no-clause balanced budget.

What are your feelings about UN Agenda 21 and what direction do you feel NC as a state should move in the area of sustainability?

13. I am adamantly opposed to UN Agenda 21 and the push by some cities, counties and states to embrace it. 

What is your opinion on Imminent Domain and annexation? 

14. I am opposed to forced annexation and imminent domain for private uses. I believe in private property rights.

Where do you stand on the creation of the Southport mega-port project?

15. I am opposed to the Southport Mega-Port ‘project’!

In your opinion, what should the relationship between state/local governments be with its citizens?

16. State and local governments should work FOR THE PEOPLE. I believe the government closest to the people works best. Therefore, City/County governments should decide local issues with as much public input as practical. No closed-door meetings or good ol’ boy deals behind closed doors. More open government and more transparency needs to exist. The state legislature should avoid local mandates if at all possible. Let the local governments work it out.

Where the local government is abusing their power or refusing to listen to citizens, the citizens should have the right to appeal their case to the state government agency involved, the state legislature or the governor. The rights of the PEOPLE should come first.

What is your opinion of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Law which prevents NC bloggers to become on-line associates of companies like Amazon? 

17. I’m against the Affiliate Nexus Tax Law.

What do you want voters to know about you?

18. I am Mike Causey, military veteran (US Army) and conservative candidate for insurance commissioner of North Carolina. I want to lower your car insurance rates and I want to lower your homeowners insurance rates!

I ask for your support and your vote in the July 17 Republican 2nd Primary Election or in early voting from June 28 – July 14. I have never served as an elected official, so I am not a ‘career politician’ but a statesman who wants to serve the public.

My background in insurance, business management and the building industry make me uniquely qualified to lead this department for better service to the people. I have 30 years experience in the insurance business at all levels, from agent and agency management to executive level management. I have a solid working knowledge of how insurance works and how to improve our insurance crisis in North Carolina.

The insurance commissioner is the Chief Fire Marshall, Chief Building Inspector (State Building Code), Chief Insurance regulator and regulates bail bondsmen, collection agencies, manufactured housing, workers compensation, travel clubs, Senior Health Information Program, Risk management Division (insures state-owned buildings, vehicles, university personnel).

It is time we had an insurance commissioner with EXPERIENCE in the insurance business and a working knowledge of the department to help the people it serves. I pledge to serve the people- ALL THE PEOPLE of North Carolina, not just selected areas.

I need your help to win. Vote Mike CAUSEY for insurance commissioner!

What is the #1 problem facing the office for which you are running and how do you propose addressing that problem?

19. The number one problem facing the office for which I am running- Insurance Commissioner- is the insurance crisis in North Carolina. We are facing serious insurance problems in many areas of our state and the people can’t get a straight answer from our insurance department. I will change that- the people WILL BE SERVED!

 Mike Causey
503 N. Greene St.
Greensboro, NC 27401

I would like to thank Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule and filling out this questionnaire.  I also want to wish him luck as he faces his opponent on 17 July in the 2nd primary.  I understand he has alot going on and hope all goes well for him.


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