Richard Rivette – NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

At NC4Freedom we take candidates seriously.  As we approach the General election, it’s important to learn about the candidates we may be supporting.  The following responses given are staright from the candidate.  Please feel free to look over their answers and make an educated choice come election day.

The following is straight from the questionnaire given to the candidate.  All answers are from the candidate –

NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

This is a base questionnaire for candidates running for office at any level in the state of NC.  Some questions may not apply as written.  If you wish to rephrase and address the question based on the level of government for which you are running you may.  If a question does not apply to the level of office for which you are running you may answer with ‘does not apply’ or give you opinion anyways.  Full participation is appreciated but not required.  We will inform the voters as to those candidates who do not or wish to not reply.

Name – Richard Rivette
Candidate for – NC State Senate 38

All of these are covered on my website I will briefly summarize here.

I have also filled out questionnaires all over the web with even more positions.

If you agree with me, please go to Don’t Forget, Vote Rivette for NC State Senate 38 on Facebook and “like” my page. Send a donation, host a dinner party, host an event, give me an endorsement, write a blog in support, walk a neighborhood, distribute literature, volunteer to man a polling site and more. If you won’t fight to get me elected I will not be able to fight to stop the national nightmare taking place now.

1.            What is your position on a NC State voter ID law?
All voters in this nation should have irrevocable, clear voter ID based on physical proof of who you are. Give them a copy of their birth certificate if they don’t already have one. Use a passport. Something of value. We need ID for everything else. No other industrialized nation on earth allows you to vote without voter ID. The status quo is meant to keep dead people, illegals, felons, and multiple voting fraud to continue in favor of the Democratic party. Anyone who is homebound or unable to pay should be given the ID. At home we simply come with a plastic card printer and keypad, a scanner and photo unit. This can be done in minutes. Permanent voter ID. No one can steal your vote. And no one is denied the vote. Ignore the false claims of racism. Everyone gets their ID so how can anyone complain? Only 1% don’t have ID. I’m tired of the false claims.

2.            What is your plan to help NC deal with the problem of illegal immigration?
Give jobs to unemployed in the inner cities driving the buses to take the illegals to the Texas border. 400,000 illegals will require a lot of assistance in moving out of our state. Then give their homes, benefits, and jobs to Americans. Start with minorities who have been hit most by the economy. The illegals can wait in line if they want to enter this nation. CLOSE the border.

3.            What is your plan to deal with tax rates in the state of NC? (please address state income and gas taxes)
Eliminate them. The entire tax code must be scrapped period. Replace with a prebate, FAIR tax. No more corporate, capital gain, income, or many, many other taxes and fees. Lots more to it, but that’s the summary. The gas and diesel taxes are responsible for up to 20% of food costs alone. If we want reasonable prices, eliminate the taxes.

4.            What will you do to deal with government regulations on individuals, businesses, and industries in NC?
Eliminate most of them. Government has no authority to regulate much of anything according to the Constitution, which is our guideline and what we agreed to adhere to as citizens. For protection, don’t give polluters a slap on the wrist. If you pollute, confiscate and sell off the assets, recover the funds to cleanup, and put the polluter in prison for 25 years. Very few will violate decent anti-pollution laws written to protect our air and water. Judge each case on its merits. Accidents can be waived. Deliberate results in severe penalty. Right now, it’s a shell game. We beat legitimate companies over the head with petty rules, while letting severe violators off easy.

5.            What is your position on the US military and Veterans?
Fully fund the military, be prepared to defend the nation, maintain commitments in place, but do not go invading other nations unless provoked. Veterans should be treated like gold as they risked all so we can sleep at night. If the Feds won’t fund their healthcare and more, then we must. It is our sacred duty. I want an act to protect all military IDs from misuse. We have personally experienced theft which was facilitated by those using the ID of deceased veterans.

6.            How do you view unions in NC?
There should be no unions in the U.S. They have outlived their usefulness and become cesspools for corruption, violence, intimidation, and death. Public sector workers, given the chance, leave immediately. We should make NC a right to work state Constitutionally and bar unions entirely, including all existing ones. If you want to work in a union, go live in a communist nation.

7.            Do you see government fraud as a major problem today and what would you do about it?
Starting four years ago analyzing fraud I thought I might find $30-40 million recoverable in various state programs. I found up to half a billion dollars a year wasted. Illegals drain us of $2.1 billion a year. Another half billion in medical, transportation and other fraud can be recovered. We can use those funds to offset any deficit, hire all the teachers we need, pay them more and finish our roads WITHOUT raising a dime in taxes. I actually was involved in getting legislation for a pilot program passed years ago to begin this process, and then the government sat on it and did nothing. Because bureaucrats could not understand the proposal, and were territorial about who would do what to enact it. Fire any state worker who does not help to recover our funds.

8.            What part would you play to bring new businesses and jobs into NC?
I would immediately promote the FAIR tax, eliminate the income tax, and improve schools. The state cannot compete until we address taxes and schools. My job tries to draw companies into the state. They all tell us the same thing before locating in Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, and South Carolina – your tax situation stinks and your schools are worse. We could be the Silicon Valley of the East if we attract all the Silicon Valley CA companies with great location, weather, features, phenomenal schools and an unrivaled tax policy. Plus we have close proximity to Europe for travel.

9.            What are the main problems you have with education today and what are your ideas to help educate future generations?
Unions, overbearing administration, poor teacher retention, and low discipline. Get rid of poor teachers. See my 17 point plan online under SCHOOLS in We must eliminate most administration positions all over the state. Get rid of all unfunded Federal mandates. Ignore the DOE. Place control in the hands of local boards. Create a school choice voucher for every student to purchase an education at public schools, private, religious, online, co-op, homeschool, and charters. Fully funded and equal with the same facilities funds, not just academic funds. Its our money. They’re our kids. We make the decisions. No more professional educators only making decisions. They’ve shown incompetence. Get some business people in there. Community oversight boards with real power to hire and fire. No more 800 page rule books.

10.          What do you see as the most important foreign policy issue facing NC?
Telling the Consular General to stop issuing Metricular cards or face expulsion. We are not a dumping ground. Only 2% come to do menial tasks, while up to 35% take welfare payments of food stamps, housing, etc.
From a business perspective we need to develop foreign trade zones and full foreign investment in our state to promote manufacturing.

11.          What are the most pressing issues facing NC use and production of energy?
Unleash our entire potential and tell the EPA to pound sand. This is our land. Repatriate all Federal lands in NC as state property and private property. Zero all taxation for energy exploration, development, refining, and future tech including oil, gas, kinetic, hydro, solar, wind, and anything else that will work. Private companies make the decisions, not government. Because government control has never worked. Renew offshore drilling. This administration is good at ignoring the Supreme Court. We need to do the same. Tell them to stick moratoriums in their ears to be polite.

12.          Section 3, Article V of the NC Constitution gives exceptions to allow the state government to acquire debt.  Do you feel it is time to review at these exceptions to achieve a no-clause balanced budget amendment, or do you feel these exceptions are legitimate?
The budget must be balanced by Amendment. If we go to a FAIR tax and grow manufacturing, industrial, agriculture, energy and more this will be a moot point as we will have all the revenue we need to do anything we want.

13.          What are your feelings about UN Agenda 21 and what direction do you feel NC as a state should move in the area of sustainability?
Agenda 21 is a global conspiracy to enact communism and make us slaves. We need to block it at the state level since our Federal government has been infected with communism in every level of the bureaucracy. Anyone stupid enough unable to see the disparate pieces that have seeped into every aspect of our lives, our food supply, our work, even citizen surveillance which is bizarre to say the least, is too ignorant to vote. Communists are not going to knock on your door, say hello and ask to take over the country. They will do it piecemeal in institutions over a period of say, 50 or 60 years. As they have done here. We stop them now and for all time.

14.          What is your opinion on Eminent Domain and annexation?
KELO should be reversed. It is a failure. No eminent domain for public use. No forced annexation. Both are the equivalent of taxation without representation and exactly why the colonies rebelled in the first place. Private property is inviolable and a main point of our founding documents.

15.          Where do you stand on the creation of the Southport mega-port project?
Private funding. A public partnership can be created but there should be written limits of involvement. Also, get the Federal government out of the approval process. Its our land and water, not theirs. We are a sovereign state. Start acting like one. If the EPA shows up tell them they are not welcome. They can leave or face arrest. I do not recognize Federal badges outside the jurisdiction of now Federal land, Federal parks or the District of Columbia and neither should anyone else. No Sheriff in this nation has ceeded control of their county. Read the Consitution, and Bill of Rights, and State Statutes.

16.          In your opinion, what should the relationship between state/local governments be with its citizens?
The government should listen and then do what people want. I want direct referenda voting on every increase in tax, fees, or other item which impacts citizens, local and state. We have the technology to do that. Let legislators craft good solutions and sell them to the public, not each other, and not via special interests. Additionally, if you eliminate the entire tax code you ALSO eliminate all lobbying overnight. There is nothing more to lobby for because we would only have a FAIR tax that is consumer based. You cannot buy a loophole, incentive, exemption or craft a law to help your company over another. Shut down the lawyer leeches running the lobbying firms in one day.

17.          What is your opinion of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Law which prevents NC bloggers to become on-line associates of companies like Amazon?
This is a violation of the First Amendment, is not covered under the interstate Commerce clause and has no place in a Republic. Anyone should be able to work for and with anyone they want in a non-criminal enterprise. The government is wrong. Let them participate as affiliates and if the state attempts to intervene pass legislation to stop it, or fire the bureaucrats.

18.          What do you want voters to know about you?
I have always stood up for what is right. Not right for me, or just you, but all. There are God granted universal rights of man. It is the foundation for Western civilization. If its good for one, its good for all. I stand for freedom. Complete freedom. Not someone hovering over your life telling you how to live, what to eat, what to drink. where to live, what to buy, how you insure, and more. Government is formed by people as a framework for living your life. It is NOT a set of rules to tell you exactly what to do. Certain rules are necessary like figuring out if you know how to drive a motor vehicle. Once you are issued your license to drive the rest is up to you. If you are a menace, your license is taken away. Until you prove you are a criminal you should be treated as a free person.

Restore every facet of the Constitution and remove all barriers to gun ownership, school choice, speech, assembly. No more threats of taxation for churches. They are exempt due to separation. They can preach whatever they want and people can choose to listen or not. They can also change the radio station, TV channel or surf to a different internet site if they are offended.

I am personally offended by ignorant people trying to tell me how to live and I don’t need them to tell me what TV shows to watch or where to get my news.

I follow the common sense of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. I am dead set against socialism and communism in any form. They are evil and meant to subjugate us all as slaves. The practitioners are cunning and patient. We have not had true free marketplaces in this nation. Ever.

Communists and socialists, like our present administration, are the opposite of what American is and should be.

Have we made mistakes? Yes. Has there been injustice? Of course. We are the biggest, most successful freedom experiment ever conducted. We need to let it go. We will deal with our demons and proceed ahead. Without an elite class ruling over us. Without an oppressive government.

Note to oppressive government – back off or you will feel our wrath. We the People are fed up and we are going to stop you now.

19.          What is the #1 problem facing the office for which you are running and how do you propose addressing that problem?
The number one problem is the apathy among voters. Average people are turned off. Disgruntled. Mad as hell. I want to channel that anger and turn it into something positive for all our benefit. I will succeed at representing the people and push what we need to stop the government insanity. I will not accept defeat. And neither should anyone else. We can do this if we work together. I do not want to hear from negative people who think its too late, or too hard. Go whine in the corner. Don’t tell me what cannot be done. I’ve spent my whole life doing what everyone said could not be done. So have many others.

THAT is what defines America and our spirit. Doing the impossible, then doing it again.

Its your nation. Fight for it. The banner has been raised. Time to engage in the battle.

I want to thank Richard for his time and well thought out answers.  I understand that this election takes up and do really appreciate this.  Good luck in November.


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