Dave Carter – Candidate Questionairre

At NC4Freedom we take candidates seriously.  As we approach the General election, it’s important to learn about the candidates we may be supporting.  The following responses given are staright from the candidate.  Please feel free to look over their answers and make an educated choice come election day.

The following is straight from the questionnaire given to the candidate.  All answers are from the candidate –

NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

This is a base questionnaire for candidates running for office at any level in the state of NC.  Some questions may not apply as written.  If you wish to rephrase and address the question based on the level of government for which you are running you may.  If a question does not apply to the level of office for which you are running you may answer with ‘does not apply’ or give you opinion anyways.  Full participation is appreciated but not required.  We will inform the voters as to those candidates who do not or wish to not reply.

Name – Dave Carter
Candidate for – NC Senate, District 23, Chatham and Orange Counties

1.         What is your position on a NC State voter ID law?
I’ve posted information on this on my website prior to this questionnaire. I believe it is possible that people can easily ‘game’ the system (just like any other system: Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC, Frequent Flyer programs, etc.) for voting and fraud could occur. Because of this, any reasonable method to assure that a person voting is, in fact, the person registered to vote and that person is also a legal Citizen of the US and the jurisdiction for the election would be appreciated. While there is a strong emotional thread against the ID laws with claims of ‘discrimination’. I cannot see how discrimination would occur with ID laws when so many small aspects of our lives require the use of some form of ID. Because of this, I feel that even a minor requirement of producing the ‘voter registration card’ which was sent at the time the voter registers (or a replacement card) at the time of voting would help curtail illegal or potentially fraudulent voting activity.

 2.         What is your plan to help NC deal with the problem of illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration begins with the policies of the Federal Government and should be enforced at the State level. Amnesty and similar programs CANNOT be implemented without due consideration of the unfairness created for all of the LEGAL immigrants who went through the proper channels to obtain the necessary documentation for their residency and/or citizenship. Our Federal government has been showing favoritism to people who have broken the law. What would happen to any US citizen if they decided to do the same in a foreign country? Would we be able to expect the same treatment (public welfare, medical coverage, schooling, et al.)?

3.         What is your plan to deal with tax rates in the state of NC? (please address state income and gas taxes)

The gas tax is high because the money is intended to support the many road miles we have in the State of NC. With this support is hidden a bunch of inefficiencies, cronyism and other waste which is typical of government. While I appreciate good roads, I do not appreciate the waste associated with the use of public funds. I’ll provide a good example: Have you ever seen a road crew working? Did you notice 8 men watching and 3 working?

 I’ve lived in other States where the income tax was nonexistent. I know it is possible to reduce or eliminate the Income Tax altogether. I suggest that we first eliminate the need to continue increasing revenue THEN push to reduce or eliminate the Income Tax. Waste, Corruption, Cronyism, and more are culprits in our Government.

 4.         What will you do to deal with government regulations on individuals, businesses, and industries in NC?

I am fascinated by the complexity of laws in our State. My wife wanted to start a new business an she sought help from the State. They provided broken and difficult to follow information. She was careful and diligent but I am sure some law was broken at some point since we never know what laws exist when it comes to the obscure rules which are hidden away. I see this with local government (several hundred page UDO!) in Orange County. Is it really important for us to create so many rules to protect us from ourselves? Or is this merely to protect us from each other? I suggest that lawmakers stop thinking of themselves in that name, “lawmakers”.  They first need to start out as law managers and figure out what silly, stupid and incomprehensible laws we have. Then do what they can to make laws more streamlined and understandable.

5.         What is your position on the US military and Veterans?

I have reasonable mainstream views of our Military. I appreciate all that they do to protect our country and our interests world wide. I have strong, patriotic feelings. I believe that this is indeed the greatest nation on earth and should remain great. We have a faction in our country who wants to demean what we have had and who we are. I do not support that. We have been prosperous when we are strong. We are suffering when we are weak. I am not afraid to shed a tear when I hear the National Anthem (which I often do) from the pride I have in being an American. I also feel that way when I see our soldiers, airmen, and other service members in uniform. I believe we should reward them not only with gratitude, but with opportunities (jobs and skill training) when they return from service. And we should take care of their families who often sacrifice so much more than any of us can appreciate. In prior wars, the rules of engagement were different. Today, the soldiers practically have to use a Miranda warning before engagement and they have to worry about sensitivity when the enemy combatants won’t hesitate to hack off our soldiers’ heads, burn their corpses or desecrate their bodies in horrid ways. It’s time we started giving the respect and the tools to our soldiers when they are engaged in legitimate US protection and actions.

6.         How do you view unions in NC?

Frankly, I think unions have a great purpose, temporarily. For example, in manufacturing or mining, if there are dangerous working conditions which are not being addressed by the firm. In these examples only, the union can fight for the protection of the workers. Then the union should be dissolved and move on. What we have in NC and across the US is a rash of self-perpetuating and parasitic organizations which exist only to keep themselves afloat. They only fight for workers to make sure they get their dues. The union bosses fight companies just to ensure their own union salaries. If they truly cared about the employees they are supposed to represent, they’d draw a minimal salary only.

NC has no use for unions. They add to the cost of government (public service unions), education (teachers unions) and of goods and services across NC. People who defend unions may not realize how much more affordable goods and services (and how much more competitive the US businesses) would be if they didn’t have to pay the ‘up-charge’ to recover the cost of the unions’ work. I’ve encountered silly union involvement plenty of times before – I find them to be as obtuse and restrictive as much of government regulations can be. One example: I attended a trade show in Chicago and wanted to plug a surge protector into a power outlet for my computer (for demonstrations). I was reprimanded by the facility manager for doing anything electrical since I had to call a union electrician to do this task. I was not qualified to perform that. When I inquired about the cost to get that surge protector installed, I was told it was a $100 flat fee per connection. Does this make sense?

7.         Do you see government fraud as a major problem today and what would you do about it?

Fraud exists all around us because we’ve been slowly losing our moral compass. It’s a shame that people do not find ethical behavior to be preferred any more (generalization). When a company commits fraud, the legal system goes to work to punish them and the individuals responsible. When the government commits fraud, the press runs around with it for more press exposure then loses interest and the whole thing gets swept under the rug. Fraud is a crime and should be punished equally – both in Government and in business.

8.         What part would you play to bring new businesses and jobs into NC?

I’m a big proponent of making peer recommendations powerful. Right now, you ask someone if they would like to move to NC and set up shop and they are likely to say, “uh, Not likely, too high of taxes or unfavorable business climate.” We need to fix the regulatory environment first. Then we need to make sure our citizens know that “NC is Open for Business!” The word will spread. The existing State outreach budget could be redirected to bring more business interest rather than us adding to the budget request for promoting the State. I’ve seen where New Media and other tools which are free or cheap can be effective. Let’s show our citizens that we CAN succeed and promote business. Our citizens will, through pride in our State, be the best source of recommendations for our State.

9.         What are the main problems you have with education today and what are your ideas to help educate future generations?

When I was a youth, I attended several schools and never once did we have a teaching assistant in the classroom. I learned to diagram sentences. I learned math without using the expression “how does it feel?”. I learned History and Civics, not social studies. I learned how to do things for myself. As an adult, I know how to do most of the things I need to do by myself. Kids today don’t. Cursive is no longer part of the instruction. Their handwriting is atrocious. Instead, they are given laptops and told to get their lessons online. We’ve added more layers of teaching bureaucracy and have removed the real teaching in many cases. We also have this notion that all children should be equal. I agree that we all have equal opportunity, but we aren’t raised equally. This is an impossible feat. Some kids are truly gifted. Some aren’t. I see where kids who are gifted, in some cases, are told to ‘slow down’ so other kids can be taught. Is this fair? Is it fair to hamstring one runner so a slower runner can compete? This isn’t bowling, where you have handicaps built in to competition. This is life. Schools should not have to worry about sensitivity in teaching. Some kids need more time for instruction. These kids should be in classrooms where you can use teaching assistants as needed. Kids with more talent and aptitude can be in classrooms where they can excel. This will create our next generation of great minds instead of restricting them to be ‘just like everyone else’. School choice should be allowed to any parent who is able to get their children to that school and can get in (in the case of charter schools). School competition IS healthy beyond the athletic field. I had to compete to get good jobs. Schools should compete to get students and the funding that is associated with them.

10.       What do you see as the most important foreign policy issue facing NC?

11.       What are the most pressing issues facing NC use and production of energy?

The government should stay out of picking winners and losers with energy. Companies such as Strata Solar have amazing promise. They will succeed as they adapt to the market and provide the best products. Hydraulic Fracturing is a good idea, as long as it can be done cleanly and without damage to the environment. Before all of this, our Federal government can take a stand and stop trying to manage the marketplace for any energy production and use. This will translate directly to how the State of NC uses and produces energy.

12.       Section 3, Article V of the NC Constitution gives exceptions to allow the state government to acquire debt.  Do you feel it is time to relook at these exceptions to achieve a no-clause balanced budget amendment, or do you feel these exceptions are legitimate?


13.       What are your feelings about UN Agenda 21 and what direction do you feel NC as a state should move in the area of sustainability?

We need to remove UN involvement in our State. We are a State in a Sovereign nation. The UN doesn’t have a place here.

14.       What is your opinion on Imminent Domain and annexation?

I’ve been vocal lately on this issue. The State should not ever take from an individual or a group of landowners to give to a private entity. Further, the State should be VERY CAREFUL in all instances when there is a need to take property for public use. Taking another persons property is plunder. I do not like that taxes (which is a form of plunder) are so burdensome on our citizens. It’s worse if the land or property which we acquire is also subject to plunder by the government. There has been local support (in Orange County) to annex land and businesses situated on that land to acquire a broader tax base. This is a deceptive practice and is a slippery slope to disrespect for our government.

15.       Where do you stand on the creation of the Southport mega-port project?

I have a general problem with the use of public funds for anything which does not “protect” the citizens of the State equally. While economics may show that the easier to access port lading of goods would perhaps help the State and its economy, I am skeptical since the businesses which would directly benefit from the products are also directly beneficiaries of the public funds. Even if they pay the State back, it’s not what the government should be leading. Private enterprises are better equipped to take this task for themselves.

16.       In your opinion, what should the relationship between state/local governments be with its citizens?

17.       What is your opinion of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Law which prevents NC bloggers to become on-line associates of companies like Amazon?

This law restricts citizens from earning possible income from home. This is a deliberate attempt to plunder (from the citizens) and immediately harms the economy. When citizens are able to earn income via affiliate type programs, not only are they able to spend more (sales tax revenue for the State), but they are less likely to be burdens on the ‘system’ via welfare and similar programs. This law should be repealed.

 18.       What do you want voters to know about you? I am a practical/pragmatic person who believes liberty should be served first, the individual is not trumped by the collective.

 19.       What is the #1 problem facing the office for which you are running and how do you propose addressing that problem? People who are registered as Democratic yet vote Conservatively cause the numbers in Orange and Chatham to be skewed. This gives a lot of problems wanting to change those counties for the better.

I want to thank Dave and wish him the best of luck tomorrow.

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