Mattie Lawson – Candidate Questionairre

At NC4Freedom we take candidates seriously.  As we approach the General election, it’s important to learn about the candidates we may be supporting.  The following responses given are staright from the candidate.  Please feel free to look over their answers and make an educated choice come election day.

The following is straight from the questionnaire given to the candidate.  All answers are from the candidate –

NC4Freedom Candidate Questionnaire

This is a base questionnaire for candidates running for office at any level in the state of NC.  Some questions may not apply as written.  If you wish to rephrase and address the question based on the level of government for which you are running you may.  If a question does not apply to the level of office for which you are running you may answer with ‘does not apply’ or give you opinion anyways.  Full participation is appreciated but not required.  We will inform the voters as to those candidates who do not or wish to not reply.

Name – Mattie Lawson
Candidate for – NC House District 6

1.             What is your position on a NC State voter ID law?

A valid state issued photo ID is required to assure only qualified voters make decisions for NC residents.  The cost of obtaining a state issued photo ID isn’t sufficient to deny passage of the bill as a “poll tax”.

2.             What is your plan to help NC deal with the problem of illegal immigration?

Illegal aliens are a huge burden on the state and on the country.  Every mechanism for allowing aliens to enter NC illegally should be closed, regardless of the position of the federal government on enforcing laws in place for protecting our borders.    

Illegal aliens consume resources that should be available only to legal citizens.  They commit violent crimes at a much higher rate than our legal citizens.  They insult every immigrant who used established legal channels to become a naturalized citizen in our great land. 

Illegal aliens take American jobs and depress the wage base.  Business should be required to verify legal status for employment or suffer heavy fines.  It is not right for an honest business to have to compete with ones that flaunt our laws.

3.             What is your plan to deal with tax rates in the state of NC? (please address state income and gas taxes)

The General Assembly under the leadership of the NC Republican Party is working on a plan to make NC more attractive for new residents and businesses.  The plan may or may not include eliminating the state income and/or corporate tax.  I will wait to see what their plan is before taking a position on that issue, but in general I favor lower taxes across the board.  But, to do that we must reduce the size and role of government to closer match its original intent. 

Gas taxes are high because 1) the Highway Trust Fund has been raided for use for other purposes and this must be stopped) and 2) an excessive number of miles of secondary roads were paved during previous administrations which now require regular upkeep.  There may be a remedy such as keeping a portion of the taxes that would normally be passed on to the federal government.  This topic requires additional study. 

4.             What will you do to deal with government regulations on individuals, businesses, and industries in NC?

I think Regulations in NC in general are excessive and getting worse. Any regulation not backed by true science, not traceable to the NC Constitution and/or US Constitution, not supported by moral principles or without a stated cost benefit is unacceptable to me.  There should be public hearings on all administrative rules (how bills are implemented) for a fair hearing before being applied and the cost/benefit of such regulations should be clearly established before implementation. 

We should re-evaluate the size of fines and penalties imposed on regulation violators to reduce financial impact on citizens in parallel to doing an analysis to identify and modify/eliminate the most egregious regulations.  Regulations associated with the federal government, like those imposed by the EPA, would be a high priority for analysis. 

5.             What is your position on the US military and Veterans?

The US military must remain strong and veterans treated with respect and honor and that includes honoring the moral contract we have with veterans.  I disagree with the decisions under the 0bama administration to weaken the military morally, spiritually, economically and physically. 

6.             How do you view unions in NC?

NC needs to remain a right to work state and I oppose the taxpayers subsidizing any union (ex. collecting dues). 

7.             Do you see government fraud as a major problem today and what would you do about it?

Yes, fraud is a major problem.  The solution is accountability with teeth.  Wrong-doers deserve to be punished in direct proportion to their crime.  Getting away with crime encourages others to do the same.  Until confidence in the state’s moral compass is restored we will continue to see fraud at every level, including in our schools.  I favor passage of a strong Corrupt Practices Act that includes investigative grand juries to deal with government corruption.  A Corrupt Practices Act should include an “honest services” provision.  But term limits, which I favor if applied to all, would do more to curtail corruption than anything.

8.             What part would you play to bring new businesses and jobs into NC?

I’m interested in attracting business and growing jobs but also believe we are losing many existing jobs through punitive regulations.  We must encourage healthy citizens to get out of the welfare line and become motivated to develop skills needed now in the workforce.  I oppose “incentives” that are not equally available to every business and tend to be only a temporary solution.  Lower business taxes are the best incentive approach we could use.

9.             What are the main problems you have with education today and what are your ideas to help educate future generations?

Schools need to prepare children for the future.  Parents need to participate by choosing to help their children prepare to take a responsible place in society.  The way to address this legislatively is to stop rewarding poor performance.  The state’s accountability program (testing) should be based on insuring that each and every child makes the amount of progress in a year that each child should make based on his/her own individual aptitude.  The accountability system should be based on how many children make such progress.

Children and their parents deserve educational choices with separate tracks for college-bound students and for technically inclined students.  Parents deserve a tax break for choosing effective alternatives to public education.  It will save NC money to make good use of private schools based on today’s cost to educate a child in the public education system.

10.          What do you see as the most important foreign policy issue facing NC?

Foreign competition for jobs and the influx of illegal aliens are the most important issues facing NC in regard to foreign policy. Although not a state responsibility, a strong national defense is essential to a sound foreign policy.

11.          What are the most pressing issues facing NC use and production of energy?

The federal government interfering with states’ rights to produce energy and use energy is the most pressing energy issue facing NC. We need also to open competition in our energy policy.

12.          Section 3, Article V of the NC Constitution gives exceptions to allow the state government to acquire debt.  Do you feel it is time to relook at these exceptions to achieve a no-clause balanced budget amendment, or do you feel these exceptions are legitimate?

NC should avoid debt under all circumstances unless approved by an informed people with a plan to repay the debt within a reasonable timeframe.  The economic future is too unstable to mortgage the financial future of our children and grandchildren by acquiring excessive debt.

13.          What are your feelings about UN Agenda 21 and what direction do you feel NC as a state should move in the area of sustainability?

I feel the UN Agenda 21 is a real and serious threat that needs to be addressed immediately at local, state and federal levels.  The influence of international law on our land use planning and zoning needs to be identified and remedied.  Oversight committees of citizens need to be trained and put in place at all levels of government to assure future land use planning is void of threats to our private property rights and forced wealth distribution. American sovereignty must not be usurped by the UN in any area, whether it be national security, energy, land use planning/”sustainability” or gun control.  Our Constitution is supreme.

Sustainability is another word for tying up our private property rights until they are handed over to a foreign government for control. 

14.          What is your opinion on Imminent Domain and annexation?

I believe the legislation passed by the NC General Assembly to restrict forced annexation is appropriate but not sufficient.  GOP control of both houses and the Governor’s Office should result in further reform, including a review of how “just compensation” is computed.  Condemnation should be ONLY for constitutionally mandated government purposes.

15.          Where do you stand on the creation of the Southport mega-port project?

I do not favor the project due to the cost, the terrorism risk and concerns that there will not be enough business for this terminal.  A June 26, 2012 study concluded that investment in the existing ports in Wilmington and Morehead City would be more cost effective than pursuing the megaport at Southport, although it was still included in the study as an alternative. The study estimated the total cost for the megaport, including infrastructure, to be $6.1 billion.  Both NC governor nominees are on record as being opposed to the project.  I would be opposed at this time.

16.          In your opinion, what should the relationship between state/local governments be with its citizens?

Local governments and the state government should act in accordance with the NC Constitution and the US Constitution. There is an imperative that we return to the federalistic system upon which our nation was founded.  Therefore, I favor an assertive stance by our state for nullification of unconstitutional Federal laws and regulations. 

17.          What is your opinion of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Law which prevents NC bloggers to become on-line associates of companies like Amazon?

I understand some states claim resident affiliates are making sales or “nexus” for out of state merchants so they can collect sales tax.  In fact if these sites are merely advertising, not selling, products and services it is inappropriate to require them to collect and pay sales tax. This is causing many online merchants to end their affiliate programs to avoid collecting sales tax. This is a bad idea for NC since it reduces sales tax revenue for the state and devastates small businesses. 

18.          What do you want voters to know about you?

I’m running for office to keep this seat conservative Republican and not because I’m infatuated with the idea of being a politician.  I’m certainly not doing this for the money!  I’m a senior citizen.  Many of the problems with our local, state and federal government happened “on our watch”.  As a grandmother I feel compelled to do what I can to restore the country to the ideals of the Founding Fathers.  This country was based on Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We must return to a moral country that puts its faith and trust in God.  I will make mistakes but I will try my best to do the right thing at all times.  I will read the bills before I vote on them, try to reform regulations, protect our right to bear arms and lower our tax burdens. 

19.          What is the #1 problem facing the office for which you are running and how do you propose addressing that problem?

NENC is a rural area with only 8% of the population.  An ignored fact is that it includes significant donor counties (counties that return more revenue to the state than it gets in services from the state), such as Dare County which generates more than one half a billion dollars in revenue and accounts for over 15,000 full-time jobs and over $60,000,000 in local and state taxes.  The higher populated urban areas of the state tend to ignore, stonewall and/or misinterpret the needs of the citizens in our portion of the state.  Getting approval on bills favorable to NENC will require great skills of persuasion and access to timely, factual data to make a difference for my constituents but seeing to it that Eastern North Carolina gets a fair shake will be my goal. 

Excessive regulations forcing our watermen and farmers to lose their jobs and homes is an example of NC legislation that does not serve our citizens well.    

I want to thank Mattie for answering and apologizing for the lateness in posting.  We will get this blasted all over and good luck on Tuesday.

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