Playbook Intercepted – Population Manipulation 101

When you look at the 2012 election map you see there was a clear winner as most of the country went red.  Just from looking at it, the map shows Romney won handily as nearly 90%, if not more than 90% of the nation went red.  Then why are we not saying President Romney?  Some say it’s voter fraud, and there may be some validity behind that.  But is that the only reason?  I say NO!  Is that the main reason?  I say NO!  You see I’ve looked at this and find that the Liberals very intelligently thought out, calculated, and then played the numbers to their advantage in a pure brilliant way.  The way they truly won was not voter fraud, but instead by population manipulation. 

So what is population manipulation?  Population manipulation is when a certain ideological group moves enough people into a certain state’s metropolitan areas that they will overwhelm any type of advantage that the native population may have in a general election.  This allowed the Liberals to take advantage of the Electoral College and steal states to their advantage.

Let me give you a picture of how this works.

Imagine you have one scale.  The scale is level.  On one side you have a big rock.  On the other side you have enough sand to level out the scale.  If you add just one grain of sand to either side, you will tip the scale to either side. 

Now imagine you have three scales.  All three scales have a rock on one side and sand on the other.  One scale is level.  Scale two is barely tipping for the rock.  Scale three is barely tipping for the sand.  If you take enough sand out of scale number two and place it on the sand side of scale one, you now have two scales tipping towards the sand and one towards the rock.

Now imagine you have five scales.  Once again all have a rock on one side and sand on the other.  Scale one is level.  Scale two heavily tilts towards the rock.  Scale three barely tilts towards the rock.  Scale four barely tilts to the sand.  Scale five heavily tilts towards the sand.  If you consider there is no way to tilt scale number two towards the sand you can in turn take a little bit of sand out of that scale and place it in scale number one to tilt scale number one towards the sand.  Then you consider your advantage in scale number five.  You then take enough sand out of scale number five and place it in scale number four so that both scales are tilting towards the sand.  In the end you have four scales tilting towards the sand and one towards the rock.

The sand represents the Liberal Democrats and the rock represents the Republicans.  The Liberals have made themselves into a fluid voter block that will travel to where ever they need to win the overall electoral vote or in the example, the most scales.  The Republicans on the other hand are a solid voter block that does not move in order to win the vote, but instead remains in its position and attempts to win in place.

The reason they do not get caught in doing this is that they calculate just enough votes where they win and there’s no chance for a recount.  Also, these individuals are registering legally based on state voter laws so there’s really no way to really call them on this.  In most states the only thing you need to register is a utility bill with an address.  When you look at the map, the major metropolitan areas that stole most of the states were located in states where the utilities are unionized.  If the unions have an understanding of this system, it’s not hard for them to deliver a utility bill within two to three days of a fluid voter moving into the metropolitan area. 

So do I have proof? 

I believe I do.  As I posted elsewhere, I believe they tried this tactic in North Carolina but failed.  Here’s my post –

“The rationale behind this theory is found in NC.  They tried the prior tactic of moving people into Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham but they miscalculated the vote.  Nearly 25% of the NC residents who are Dems voted for Romney and McCrory.  They miscalculated that number are that usual blue Asheville went red.  I still stand by my assertion that if they did not try this, the state would have been 57-42 Romney.  One fact that aids me in this theory is that population growth in NC was 0.92% between April 1, 2010 and July 1, 2011.  Let’s assume they even doubled that amount between 2011 and 2012 that would be an increase of 1.84%.  Now does this match the fact that the number of registered voters increased, between 17 July 2012 until the Election Day, by a staggering 8.1%?  When you take into account the average age of the citizens of NC who cannot vote the actual growth rate for voting age individuals is 1.3%.  The number of people who registered to vote in 113 days was 5.1% of the total population. To me these numbers are possible, but highly questionable.”

The better answer for these questionable numbers is population manipulation.  Can we truly look at these number as anything else?  Can you truly say the voting age population over two years only increased by 125,533 in two years, yet the registered voters increased by 496,445 in 113 days?  It’s a far reach if at all. 

Now if you look at the map you will see where the Liberals took control of this vote through population manipulation.  In Pennsylvania they moved into the Philadelphia area.  In Ohio they took the north area by the great lakes and Cleveland.  In Michigan they took the areas closest to Detroit.  If you look at the map it looks like all three of these states were won by Romney.  Also polls gave Romney a slight lead.  But if you know the lead and adjust for your fluid voting base, you can move enough people into the state to win with just a small area.  Also understanding that your opponent is not fluid allows for your to do just enough to win and avoid the recount.  This strategy allowed the Liberals to take the vote.  They understood the system and used it to their advantage.

Did the Electoral College fail? 

I say no.  I believe the Electoral College was manipulated.  The Electoral College is the only way for rural states to have a voice in the election process.  The problem is when metropolitan areas overwhelm the rural parts of the state, they lose their vote anyways.  There needs to be a different way for them to regain their representation.  As of right now, most of the nation has seen this turn into taxation without representation.  One of the reasons for the start of the Revolutionary War is being forced upon the people through the use of population manipulation. 

So how do we fix this problem?

One way would be to bring the Electoral College down to state level.  Each state gets electoral votes based on Congressional representation.  If the two Senate positions for each state go to the state’s popular vote and one electoral vote per House Congressional District, this would be a closer solution to a representative vote. 

Another solution which is more radical is to redraw the states to best match the governing needs of the people.  This was done in the creation of West Virginia and may be the best alternative for a fair representative vote.  I will go further into this way in another blog to show you how it can be done.

I hope I shed some light on what happened earlier this week.  I actually have to give credit to the Liberals for figuring this out.  Now it’s up to We the People on how we want to proceed from here.

~ J.C.

UPDATE – From IOWA, more proof of this theory.  In talking with a voter from Iowa on the phone last night she described several buildings around Davenport which were abandoned for years.  Months before the election they were bought and turned into small effeciencies.  These apartment were filled with just enough time for the residents to register and vote on election day.  As of last night the buildings are once again empty.

UPDATE 2 – FromOhio, s everal weeks before the election, the OH Secretary of State’s office was concerned that there could be more than 200,000 such voter registrations, from people who are not Ohio residents just using Ohio addresses to vote.  There was no follow-up to this report.

UPDATE 3 – WOW!  While working on a new blog which contains information about Nevada, I decided to run the same type of numbers I ran in NC.  In the ultimate in “ARE YOU SERIOUS!” the numbers were as follows.  Voting age people in Nevada increased by 1.2% at the most (NC increased by 1.3%).  The number of people who registered to vote during early voting was 5.1% of the population!  That is the SAME percentage increase as in NC.  This just piles up more and more that this was a numerically strategic plan.  They had a formula and stuck to it and followed through.  Unless we change our strategy, we will never win another election again.

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    • Pat Kleinmaier
    • November 10th, 2012

    Where I worked as an early voting worker in Winston Salem, we had many kids saying they went to Wake Forest, but did not live on campus so had to use the utility bill rule to register, all had out of state driver’s licenses too. We were instructed to let them register and vote. I just wonder how many also registered in another state or even in another county in NC. We need a national data base as well as an E-Verify system for voters. Taking a non English speaking person’s word that they are a citizen is not right!

    • GR Smith
    • November 11th, 2012

    Excellent analysis, John Anger. I received a note from a friend that Mr. Romney won every state with a Voter ID law. This makes the ruling concerning the PA Voter ID law very interesting in that the fedral judge ruled the law Constitutional but that it could not be enforced before this election. It would also help explain why State Houses and Governors Mansions continue to go to moreso Conservative candidates all over all over the Country because I’m guessing a large number of these “floating” voters only voted for President or other specific races that they are instructed so as to not over-play their hand. And with the Unions involved this could speak directly to the Dan Forest/Linda Coleman race here in NC.

    • Lee Ann MacMillan
    • November 11th, 2012

    John..very instructive article! I especially noticed the Taxation w/o Representation reference and agree completely. What is sorely lacking in the USA is Voter ID! We’ll get it in NC now that McCrory is on his way into the Gov’s Mansion but there are other States not so “lucky”. The Plan you referenced for Cong Dist # vs Electoral College is a good one; I’ve heard and even mentioned it myself before. It will take a Constitutional Amendment to chg this and frankly, with the Dems controlling the Senate, that won’t happen, even though POTUS doesn’t have to sign off on it…the other alternative is a ltl more tricky…but SOMETHING must be done or we will find ourselves in the same predicament as prev in our History..maybe we can hash this out further @ one of our mtgs..C U Mon night?

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