Option #1 – Save America or Break It

In the series “Save America or Break It”, I will be exploring several ways of fixing the main problem facing the United States of America today which is a lack of representation.  This reason may surprise many, but it’s evident when looking at the 2012 voting map that there is truly something wrong.  I will be presenting each idea as it is the greatest and only hope for our nation.  I will be holding a poll afterwards to see where people want to go.  Hopefully we can make the right choices and save America.

Option #1 – Redrawing the States

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for a common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The opening words from the Constitution of the United States of America set a foundation for the creation of our representative government.  A representative government is one in which the values, needs, ideals, and ideas of each constituent is reflected within the representation.  A representative government should ideally mirror those who have voted for it.

As we look at the 2012 voting map we seen that there is a vast travesty contained within the lack of representation given to its constituents.  Examples in Pennsylvania and Ohio show that the vast majority of the state’s area has lost its representation which is stolen by the small metropolitan areas of the state.  This is and should be a great concern to all those individuals who have lost their representative voice within government.  They are being silenced within the electoral and governmental process for which they are governed. 

The Declaration of Independence’s many reasons for the American Revolution can be applied in today’s dynamic governing environment.  I will let you look this up yourselves, but I would like to visit the one we all learn in school ~ “For imposing taxes on us without our consent”.  Due to a lack of representation, many Americans are being forced into programs they cannot afford, paying taxes that they do not agree with, and becoming oppressed by a government which prevents them a chance at financial freedom due to high cost of living, low income, and intrusive policies.  Many people in the United States of America are now calling for secession, but I ask you to have and open ear and an open mind as we try and save America as a nation.

The problem we are facing as a nation stems deeper than just a problem with this economy or foreign matters.  It stems from the very lack of representation in a representative nation.  The fact that we have evidence of population manipulation to win electoral votes and senator seats shows that there is a way to steal the people’s representation and give it to a selective group of people who are willing to become a liquid voter block and move wherever they are needed to win.  In the case of the 2012 election, these people moved into the inner cities of states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, New York, and the like.  When you review the voting map it clearly shows the suppression of a great deal of people from these states and many others.  This lack of representation was the very reason that our Founding Fathers declared independence over 200 years ago.  So we need a solution that will solve this basic problem.

Secession should be the LAST resort.  We need to look for other solutions to this problem first.  We need to be willing to be open to a new radical approach to a problem which could lead to worst times in America if not the demise of our nation as a whole.  We need leader, staff workers and experts who are willing to put new ideas out to the people who have had their political voice silenced by people who have learned how to win the system.  The current Electoral College system is a valid one as long as it’s not abused in the way it was in the 2012 election.

So where do we begin?

It begins with people who are willing to take a chance and band together to get something done.  It begins with people who understand the basics of a representative government and the basic foundational documents of our nation.  It begins with people who are willing to stand up as leaders at the state level and sign onto a new radical idea such as what I’m about to present.  This nation is on the verge of becoming just an entry into the history books.  I believe we can change this if we are willing to take a chance.

Radical ideas are met with great resistance.  This is true whenever one is presented.  It was true at the founding of this nation.  It was true in every major movement this nation has ever seen to better us.  It will be true today.  We cannot save this nation unless we are willing to become strong and join as one people to bring forth a change for the better.

Our current administration praised the Arab Spring.  I say it’s time for an American Spring.

We need to march on DC by the millions.  We need the Congress to have enough of a backbone to shut down the government.  We need to make sure the government is cut off from all funding except for those things that meet this nations basic needs.  If the Congress is willing to have the strength to shut down the government, we need to have their backs and stop filing income and business taxes until the message is heard.  We need to declare a loss in confidence of the current governmental state.  Finally, we need a mass, West Virginia like, de-annexation of a great multitude of states to bring forth proper representation back to the people of those regions which have been silenced.  What this means is we need to redraw the map of the United States of America to include more states to better represent the people.  We will look to hold multiple regional Constitutional Restoration Conventions to accomplish this redraw.  In 1861, West Virginia held three conventions before declaring statehood.  Redrawing the map is the most important goal of this whole plan.  Once this is accomplished we can look at implementing Voter ID laws, creating voter qualification laws, and restoring the sanctity of representative jurisdiction.    

This is a basic outline of a radical plan that has much more detail but has one goal.  The goal is to save the United States of America.  The problem is a lack of representation.  The solution is to redraw the map of the United States of America to add more states and to give representation back to the people.  We are truly in a dire time in our nation’s history.  We will have people who will fight a plan like this tooth and nail.  We need to stand strong as the millions of people who have had our representative voice stolen from us.  We will be revealing much more detail as this plan goes forward.

We will be looking for a champion who is willing to bring this idea forward.  Please help us in getting this to someone who has the ear of America so we can share the details of this plan.  It’s now or never to save this nation.  We can save America or watch it fall.

~ J.C.

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