A Bit More Ammunition

As I pointed out in a previous blog on Population Manipulation, https://nc4freedom.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/playbook-intercepted-population-manipulation-101/ I stated that the voting numbers in North Carolina seemed funny due to the massive increase in voter registration between the 2nd primary and the general election.  I pointed this out as circumstantial evidence towards the concept of population manipulation or the modern version of gerrymandering.  I also found that Nevada had the same exact percentage increase in voter registration between their primary and the general election.  This was even more circumstantial evidence supporting this theory.

Now comes more evidence.

The results for the general election for Lt. Governor of North Carolina had Republican Dan Forest defeating Democrat Linda Coleman by just over 10,000 votes.  If the number of votes separating these two candidates got below 10,000 then Coleman could ask for a recount.  After the night of the election was over, the state started counting the provisional votes which eventually took Coleman to only trailing by around 7,000 votes.  She had enough votes to demand the recount.

The prediction:

The day after the election I saw warning after warning about how Linda Coleman was going to try and steal the election through provisional votes and a recount.  I read this and based on my analysis I stated that even if Coleman got close enough, she would not demand a recount due to the fact a recount could expose both population manipulation and possible voter fraud.  I figured she would play this out enough where it would seem like she wanted a recount and then pull the request at the last minute.  I figured that even if she wanted the recount herself, she would be told by higher ranking Democrats to stop the fight.

What Happened?

On November 19, 2012, Linda Coleman conceded her election bid.  This was done even while the numbers continued to narrow the gap between Coleman and Forest.  Just six days earlier she was pushing for a recount but suddenly had the change in heart that made Dan Forest the new Lt Governor of North Carolina. 

The funniest part about this was that this was a surprise to some people.  For those who saw my post, I feel this is vindication for what I’ve been saying.  That sheer magnitude of the lack of recounts in the 2012 Election tells me that I am right on target with what I’ve been saying.  The Liberals have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent any recounts from happening this election for a good reason.  That reason is that they would be exposed. 

Problem is, “We the People”, are not stupid enough to let this junk get by us.

J. C.

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