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Lesson Learned: School Choice is About Expanding Government’s Reach

I know that I am probably stepping on a bunch of toes here, but it needs to be said.  As my wife ran for our county’s school board, I learned a lot from her.  And as she learned, she was willing to take the hard stands.  She was ahead of her times in issues that are now coming to light and people are seeing as very bad.  For example, one of these issues was the destruction that the Common Core Standards will bring on this nation.  She fought this issue in debates and hopefully educated many people to its ultimate goal of turning our children into Socialists.  Here’s one issue she brought up that I have had time to ponder and now is the time to bring it forward before too many people get caught up in this trap.

It took me a bit, but I watched carefully to make a better judgment on this issue.  One thing my wife became very critical about during her run was charter schools.  Charter schools are the corner stone of school choice.  These charter schools are being offered as an alternative to the current public schools we have.  Another aspect of school choice was vouchers or tax breaks for private and home school families.  All these aspects look good from the surface but are not when we dig down into the weeds.

First, let’s lay the groundwork for this concept by introducing you to the Common Core Standards.  The Common Core is an established concept to bring every student onto an even playing field throughout the education process.  May people will say that this is a good thing but the problem is that it concentrates on lowering the overall level of what is learned educationally while at the same time overwhelming students with social concepts to advance political agendas which will push this nation towards a Socialist society using the children.  The goal is to have every child “learning” under the banner of Common Core no matter where they are being educated.

Does that scare you?  It should.  The true goal of Common Core is to destroy the republic for which we live and to become a true Marxist utopia under which every child embraces the goodness of the Socialist agenda.  If you do not believe me, do the research for yourself.  You see I believe in you doing your own research, where those who support the concepts of Common Core want you to just take their word for how good it is.  If you fall for their word, you’ll fall for anything.

Now back to school choice.

The glory of school choice has been deemed the charter school.  Charter schools have been deemed as an alternative to “public” schools while being independently run separately from the “public” education system.  They are being run by independent boards who supposedly answer to a parent committee in most cases.  Supposedly these committees are doing the bidding of the parents to give their children a better education than a normal “public” school.  All sounds good but once again let’s look a little deeper.

Something really unsettled me about charter schools a couple of weeks ago.  In a headline I saw where a state’s education board was asking for a larger budget for charter schools.  So why should that be so troubling?  It’s troubling because the government is involved. 

You see charter schools are really public schools.  The only difference is that charter schools have no accountability to the local community in how they run their education and what type of curriculum the students receive.  Yes, the parents feel they have some power because they have a say in how some things are run, but ultimately whoever has the money runs the school.  In nearly all cases of charter schools the money comes from above the community level and charter schools are actually schools run by state and Federal levels. 

This should concern everyone who is a parent with a child at a charter school.  Since the money is coming from higher levels the curriculum is being handed down to these schools from those higher levels.  The current curriculums that are being handed out are now trending towards enveloping the children in the Common Core Standards.  As these schools become more enveloped into the Common Core, there will be nothing the local communities can do because they have given up their schools to higher levels of government.  The ultimate plan is for the charter schools to overtake the current “public” school model and to put all locally run “public” schools out of business.  If this happens the people who have their children in the public school system loose all “choice” in how their children are being taught.

The next level of school choice is vouchers and tax breaks. 

Let’s review a concept we derived from looking at the charter schools.  If a level of government has placed money into something, they expect control over that which they are financing.  With this basic understanding in place, what would stop the government from forcing private and home school student to learn from the Common Core if there is money at stake?  The answer is ~ NOTHING!

My first warning is to parents of private school students.  If you or your private school takes government money, expect the government to expect something from you. 

I know for a fact that several private schools are moving towards the Common Core Standards.  The reason for this is because the government has their hands on the school in some fashion.  When you look at how you will see some form of money trail.  This money trail may also include the vouchers and tax breaks taken by the parents.  The government believes that if they are redistributing tax money around, then they should have the ultimate say in how things are run.  This is a way they are now infiltrating several private schools throughout the nation.

Parents of children in private schools, you need to find out about the curriculum in your child’s school and if they are moving towards the Common Core today.  If you do not do this, it will be your own fault when this nation is lost in the future.  Yes, this concept is harsh, but it will be even worse if it happens.  If your private school is moving towards Common Core, maybe it’s time to look for education somewhere else.

That somewhere else could be home school.  From one home school parent to another, I do have a warning, do not take money or breaks from the government.  The more independent we are from the government, the better our children’s education will be.

Same as the private schools, if the government sends you a check for school choice to home school your kids, they will eventually expect control of the curriculum in the future. 

Time to step on more toes as I am going to give a real life example of how this works.

The churches in America have sold out to their tax exempt status.  In early America the preachers of this great nation stood up to the politicians and became the very people who molded this nation into greatness.  Once the government offered a bribe to the churches in America, the churches folded under the greed of the day and handed over their voice.  Now they water down everything from the pulpit as to not look too “political” in case the government is listening.  Because of the actions of the church, and their lack of actions, the morals of America are now in continual decline. 

If this has happened to the church in America, it will be the same with home school.  The government expects the church to shut up and say what they want them to say in order to protect their precious “tax exempt status”.  Once the government gets established in handing out money to home school parents, they will expect the same thing from you.  They will work to make you dependent on this money and scare you that they will take it away if you do not teach the way they want you to. 

Another warning to home school parents is to read your school books over very carefully.  Some home school books that are being sold are now leaning toward adapting the Common Core.  We found this out buying our books last year and it should concern every home school parent who reads this.

School choice is about trying to make the people dependant on the government to pay for their children’s education through a redistribution of tax money no matter where these children are being educated.  If we take the hand-out, the government will work to get something in return.  Our children are too vital to get caught up in this, but that’s exactly what the government wants.  The government wants to give us a bribe in order to take full control of our children’s future.

To quote my wife, “You can’t expect to take something from the government and not expect them to take something in return.”

So why have we not seen this coming?  To once again quote my wife, “We don’t think wicked.”  The normal person does not see a devious plan in things that are coming from the government.  But ultimately, that is what we are getting here.  We need to resist the bribe the government is offering and continue to address our children’s education through the best ways we see fit.  We as parents know what is best for our children.  We need to get the government out of raising and educating our children and we need a true voice in this process. 

As a home school parent, I will not take a tax break or voucher if offered.  I will work with my wife to find the best education for our children.  I have seen our children excel in all areas of education and I know that as we continue to pray about their education and act as we feel led, they will continue to excel.  Our children are too vital to compromise in this area and we will do what we can to give them the best as God wills.


UPDATE 1: So the very next day after I published my article this was published from Maine ~  GO MAINE!