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It’s About the Tactics

All right folks, I feel it’s time to change the rhetoric. 

I have been thinking and it seems to me that the Democrats have never really stopped using the same tactics they used shortly after the Civil War.  Some people will look at me as insane for such a comment and I’ve often researched and blogged about the racism within the Democrat Party.  But today as I was thinking something else came to me, “What if it is not truly about race?  What if it is about the tactics?”

 You see shortly after the Civil War the Democrats created the KKK as an extension of their party.  Everyone knew the KKK was part of the Democrats.  But I say to you that the KKK was not totally created to incite and rally racial hate towards blacks, but instead the KKK was created to intimidate & scare people into either voting for the Democrats or not voting at all.  Throughout the years the KKK was used to terrify people into staying home on Election Day if they even though about voting against the Democrats.  Yes the fact that they used racism to start the political thug atmosphere, but I believe the number one goal was control through intimidation and fear. 

To prove my point there is one common fact that is often overlooked when talking about America’s racial tension and the violent outcome it often had throughout the years.  The fact is not everyone lynched was black.

The KKK was founded on three different occasions in American history. 

The first time was founded after the Civil War in 1865.  Its first goals were seen as reestablishing white supremacy through violence against blacks and Republicans.  It ultimately grew to increasing intimidation and fear in order to drive Republicans out of office.  As an example of the intimidation, in 1868 even though St. Landry Parrish, LA had a majority of 1,071 registered Republicans not a single one voted in the elections due to the threat of violence against them and their families.  In April 1868, Columbia County Georgia had 1,022 votes for Republican governor candidate Rufus Bullock.  In November of that same year, the Republican presidential candidate received only one vote due to the fear and intimidation of the Democrat lead KKK.

The second KKK was founded in 1915 and included the practice of burning crosses.  They changed their direction towards including candidates who were anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, pro-urbanization, and pro-prohibition.  They courted any candidate who agreed with the majority of their positions.    It was during this time where the KKK became entrenched into the political dynamics of America.  They took over big cities where they thought they could maintain control over entire states.  In the South, the Democrat Party was still near 100% of the total KKK populous.  The KKK had so much power that they nearly took over the statehouse of Alabama by 1926.  In 1927 a rogue sector of the KKK started a violent campaign in Alabama which was delivered with a major backlash in the media.  It was the start of the way media would sway the people in the future.

The Third KKK has been around since 1946.  It was created to thwart the Civil Rights movement.  The KKK was used by Democrat run states and townships to be thugs on the front lines.  They were implicated in bombings, lynching, and more violent activity against the local laws of the land.  The Democrat run cities often sent the KKK in to attack people prior to their intervention so that they could cause as much damage as they could without the police being implicated.  The third KKK was an outcrop extension of political idealisms by the Southern Democrats. 

These times in America were a time of evil and human tragedy.  To this day it is accounted that during the Civil Rights the KKK inspired the lynching of 3,446 black Americans.  The main reason for this senseless violence was to maintain one form of political control by conducting malicious practices to allow it to be legal.  The one fact that people tend to ignore is that 1,247 white Americans were also lynched.  The main thing that these people had in common was they were on the same side for freedom.  They were members of every race.  They had different skin tones.  Yet they all believed that God gave each of us, all of us our unalienable rights.  They were black and Republicans who fought on the same side against an insidious evil.  They were heroes in our American story.

Then how did the view of America change?

I believe the Democratic Party foresaw the fact that the race issue would eventually turn and that they would need a way to deflect it from themselves onto the Republicans.  I believe they were opportunistic when a Democrat President signed Civil Rights legislation into law.  This was their chance to take hold of the race issue and erase their years of using racism as a means of their stepping stool towards intimidation and fear.  They seized the moment and turned the opposition into racists even though 98% of Republican behind the Civil Rights issue where the Democrats were actually 40% behind it.  Even though it was a Republican issue, the Democrats took credit for it and turned it into a cry today. 

But whatever happened to their number one strategy of intimidation and fear? 

The KKK had run its course and they needed to look for another way to take control. 

As you remember during the second reign of the KKK, news media backlash was huge in its decline.  The advent of news media was the tool the Democrats were looking for in order to usher in a new wave of control. 

The Democrat Party entered into two of the largest institutions of America and did a gradual hostile takeover. 

First they had been entering into the school system for years.  If they can control the minds of the children they can control the future.  They became the headmasters who trained and brainwashed a new generation of politician to guide this nation to where thought it should be.  They made gradual changes in Republicans as well to make them lean more towards the ideals of Democrats and created an extreme form of Democrat which became so enamored with control that they now do things upon proclamation rather than due process as outlined in our laws.  They also trained these people to listen and believe the mainstream news outlets for their “facts”.  They also infused in these children’s minds to vote only for Democrats and not Republicans (a recent film at a Virginia University showed students will vote for a Democrat candidate even when the names of the candidates were made up ~ now that’s higher education!).

Secondly to replace the KKK they decided to send their best into the main stream news outlets.  These individuals started to come into power during the latter part of Reagan and continue to this day.  Note I didn’t say these people started to enter the media during this time, it’s just they started taking it over during this time.  Their full power came during the time of Bush Senior.  They started to allow time for those Democrats who would portray fear into the minds of the public to sway them into either voting for Democrats or not voting at all (sounds familiar doesn’t it?).  They also turned their eyes away from what they called “non-news” stories where Democrats (especially led by unions) went to people and intimidated them to vote for a Democrat or not vote (pattern?). 

So the KKK was started to intimidate and scare people into either voting for a Democrat or not voting at all.  Now the main stream news outlets are scaring people and allowing those who intimidate people to sway people to either vote Democrat or not vote at all.  I say that the Democrat Party has never truly changed their tactics.  They only switched them from the KKK to the MSM.

What is there main tactic today?

In 2009 the advent of the Tea Party came to light.  The Tea Party caught the Democrats way off guard.  They even caught off guard the new version of Republicans who have been tailored to think more on the ideals of the Democrats.  The main reason I believe this took them off guard was due to a news station that didn’t follow the script written for the MSM at that time.  Fox News (even though they are a bit off at times) allowed the Tea Party the light of day.  I cannot say enough about the influence of Glenn Beck as well.  Just to have an outlet where you can be recognized as a movement was huge for the people of America. 

The advent of the Tea Party has put the Democrats into panic mode and continues today.  The Democrat influenced MSM is trying to paint the Tea Party as a group of back woods, white, racist, hate mongering, Republican splitting, KKK loving, wife beating idiots who know nothing but trying to destroy America.  The MSM tries to implant fear into the hearts of every American by using both its media tentacles and the minds which they have brainwashed in higher education to spread lies and fallacies about what the Tea Party is.  They try and intimidate Americans by stating that the Tea Party is an extreme, anti-American, terrorist group which is trying to overthrow the government. 

Let’s review what the Tea Party is and what they are not.

The original Boston Tea Party was an event to protest the tyrannical rule of England over the Colonies.  The Colonies recognized that England was engaging in practices to control them and oppress any freedoms they may have.  They understood that through illegal and unethical taxes that England was preventing them to have any chance of success in this new land for which they sought freedom.  In essence the colonial Tea Party was part of a movement for freedom from a government which has overreached its power and oppressed the people through taxation and other practices.

In a much similar fashion the Tea Party of today is a movement.  No matter how much the MSM wants to paint them as a group, this is not what the modern Tea Party is.  It was brought together when people actually started reading the Constitution of the United States and understanding what it meant.  It is a movement that feels that the Federal Government of today is becoming like the England during Colonial America.  We are a movement of people gathering together and realizing that this nation should never return to the state where we are ruled by the few and have our rights and freedoms taken away.  We are very much like the 4,693 documented black and white Republicans who were hanging from trees because they believed in freedom for all.  The Tea Party is a movement for the people and by the people.  We are of every race, every religion, and every gender.  We are old and we are young.  We have no leaders but we appoint and vote in those who speak for the people of America.  We have our candidates, not because they are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent, but because they listen to and are one of us. 

So why is the Tea Party movement being attacked in the way it is?  It’s because those which are in control understand that they should not be in control.  The ones who should be in control are the people of America.  The establishment is truly afraid of the people.  Those politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, which have in their mind the direction for which this country is suppose to go are afraid the people of America are going to change that direction.  They are also afraid that the direction the people choose will in turn benefit the people and not the establishment.  Those in the MSM, who are an extension of these politicians, have been given the OK to demonize the Tea Party in order to (hear come those words again) cause fear and intimidate which force people into voting for the establishment candidate or not vote at all. 

Well look at that.  The same tactics used by the Democrat Party formed KKK are the same tactics the establishment uses today.  Only the letters KKK have been replaced by MSM. 

So next time we look at a report trying to demonize the Tea Party we need to understand the back ground of these baseless accusations and name calling.  We need to understand that this is nothing more than a tactic to spread fear and intimidation to keep the powers that be in power.  We need to see that when the establishment is attacking the Tea Party they are actually attacking the people which means ultimately they are attacking you!  You are being called a racist, a terrorist, a monster.  Your government leaders do not want you to understand how much power you have.  They do not want you to understand that you were given unalienable rights by your Creator and that those rights allow you to be in control of them.

This is a call to stand strong and understand.  Do research and do not be left in the dark.  Do not allow the MSM to intimidate you.  Do not allow those who try and suppress you to place fear in your hearts.  Look for those people who are like you and will listen to you.  Vote them in.  Do not just vote them in during the general elections; vote them in during the primaries.  Find out who stands for you and stand behind them and hold them up.  They will need you to join them in this fight for freedom.  They are willing to step in for you to take the arrows of the enemy and still represent you no matter what attack is sent their way.  Be willing to do your part and back them as needed.

Do your part and fight for Freedom!


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