#GOHTeam Kicking in the Doors of the Capitol

Imagine if you will another time and another place.  We are sitting in Boston eagerly anticipating news about the front.  We are untrained, poor, weary, and yet we are undeterred.  We have been in a few battles so far.  Some battles went OK, while others went just wrong.  We have been among those who have been over taxed, over regulated, and over burdened.  We have been among those who have had to answer to a government which has created so many programs to control our lives that we have lost our own identity of freedom.  We have been chastised by some who feel that this government is there to take care of us while all in the same we give up all aspects of freedom in which we sought when we came to this city.  We have finally realized that the government which is running us cares nothing about us, but rather they care about control and power.  We have become fed up with this atrocity and have decided to join in taking a stand.  We become known as Patriots.  We become known as defenders of freedom. 

Now the big question is at hand.  “Is this the 1770’s or 2014?”

It seems we are now in a time of history repeating itself.  We live in a nation with an overreaching government which is now trying to move to control every aspect of our lives.  We have an atmosphere in our capitol of it’s more important to get along than to actually represent the people who actually put voted us in.  The amazing thought about this is that we sent these people to DC with the intension of them representing the ideas and concepts we believe in.  We have politicians who are told that the most important thing to do for their country is to get reelected when they first get to Congress.  We now have a government which has allowed the representatives in Congress to be held unaccountable for their actions for the sake of “Progress”.   We have a broken system and we as a nation are feeling more defenseless than ever.

Next question.  “What can we do?”

In the 1770’s Patriots took to arms.  The times we live in are different from those times as the remnant of what was created in that first revolution still remains.  The Founding Documents which govern this nation are still recognized with power, yet the current government is weakening this power daily.  We are at a critical crossroads in this nation due to the fact if we do not act now, we may not be able to act once everything is completely taken away.  We need to figure a way to reestablish the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and I believe we must reenact the Declaration of Independence in order to save this nation.  We must take these documents and use them as the foundation towards the future of this nation.  Progressives are leading this nation away from these documents and we need to do everything in our power to stop them.  As we continue on we will talk about the steps we as a people need to take to turn this ship away from the Progressive ice-burg.

“Who are the Progressives?”

The Progressive are a group of people who are trying to lead this nation to accept a status quo of mediocrity.  They try to create government programs to fix everything and have reach in all aspects of life.  They fall in all circles of life, from Democrats to Republicans.  They have taken over the leadership in each party quietly and cunningly.  They want the people of America to just be quiet and allow their plan to take effect.  They believe what is best for America is to eliminate the middle class, have a very small inner circle upper class of their friends, and have a lower class which is living comfortable on the generosity of the government itself.  They want to bring America into a global environment which allows us to eliminate our sovereignty while adhering to the rules of this world.  When it all comes down to it, they want to run our lives.

“So what’s the big deal?”

If you asked that question please go find another blog because it seems you like the concept of being dependant on others and not having a life of your own.  If the Progressive plan takes full hold we lose everything for both ourselves and our future generations.  We lose our freedom of Religion.  We lose our freedom of speech.  We lose the ability to defend ourselves by bearing arms.  We lose the ability to have our states buffer us against the overreach of the Federal Government.  We lose the rights to our children.  We lose the right to become what we want.  We lose the right to dream or succeed.  Do I even have to go on?  I hope you get the picture here.  Everything IS at stake.

“But this is not the 1770’s, how do you expect us to be able to act against the government we are facing right now?”

I am first and foremost saying that we DO NOT need to take up arms in the day we live.  What we do need to do is to take up our voice and make a difference in the upcoming elections.  For years I have been hearing how people are fed up with the current government, yet there has never been a way to make a difference.  People have become very discouraged at the corruption which has become the election process and the lack of those who enforce it to do anything at all.  We have seen how the establishment of both parties have come up and falsely destroyed candidates who the people know stand for them.  We have seen this and we wonder if we could ever break through.

But then again we have also seen the establishment fail to prevent people’s candidates from being elected against all odds.  We have seen people rise up who are not backed by the party leadership and win despite being black-balled and having all funds withheld because the leadership did not necessarily think they were the proper candidate to represent the party.  Yeah I’m talking about you, GOP!  Your blatant disrespect for the people of America and their choices for political offices have become a sick and twisted joke that needs to end.  When did the Party of Reagan become a bedfellow for the establishment?  You supposedly represent the people, but if the people choose a candidate who you don’t like, then you blackball that candidate and cut off all or most of their party funding.  It is like a little child saying if you don’t like the rules I create or the game I chose, then I’m taking my ball home and you can figure out how to play without it. 

So how do we change this?

This is the image I see.  We the People of the United States of America reestablish our control over our government by storming the doors of the US Capitol and kicking in the doors.  We do this by standing with Louis Gohmert in his effort to take this nation back for the people.  His new program which is called the GOH Conservative PAC is the neutralizer.  What Rep Gohmert is doing is gathering like-minded candidates for the US House of Representatives and making sure they are not left behind.  This PAC is assuring that the playing field is leveled by funding those candidates which the GOP leadership refuses to help.  The #GOHTeam will look over each candidate and determine if they support the priorities of the GOH Conservative PAC.  See here – http://www.gohconservative.com/about   If it is found that the candidate is a true representative of the people, GOH Conservative PAC will jump in and support the candidate even when the GOP leadership will not. 

Now imagine this.  A group of representatives who stand together in one accord to change DC for we the people is sent to DC to kick in the doors of the Capitol and take this nation back for us.  We have just sent our chosen Patriots to the front lines to fight and take back an overreaching and out-of-control government.  We have just started to even the playing field to remove those who oppress the people and replace them with those who fight for us.

The GOH Conservative PAC is a weapon we can use.  It is a tool to move towards a future where our children and grandchildren will be free to attain the greatness which our Creator has endowed in them.  It will happen only when we stand in one accord.  For too many years we have stood by almost in a state of helplessness as our country and our freedoms have been stripped away from us.  Now we have a chance to make a difference for our children and our children’s children and every generation that comes after to beat back the oppression which is overtaking our land.

The critics have been out in full force against this concept.  But they do not come out because they think it’s a bad plan, they come out because they understand that this plan could work and they could lose their control over what they have so carefully stolen from each of us.  The leadership of each party and their partners in the media, education, and the big business rich fear an uprising from the people in which they lose their grip on power.  We have a chance to take away their power. 

If you would like to join me in kicking in the doors of the Capitol, please join GOH Conservative PAC and let’s do this together.

Join by clicking the link – http://www.gohconservative.com/join?recruiter_id=257


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