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Immigration: The True Story of Compassionate Comprehensive Reform

I have heard so much about the issue of immigration that I had to take the time and give my view.

A few weeks ago NC Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R) (CD-2), revealed here continue position on illegals in the state of NC by publicly berating celebrated Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.  In her tirade she called Ingraham “Ignorant” and then went off on this wild talking in the third person monologue which stressed the point that “Renee Ellmers thinks for herself!”  Ellmers made a fool out of herself by attacking someone who knows more about national security than the freshman Congresswoman.

Well we could have chalked this up as a gaffe, but the very next week Ellmers was at it again, this time attacking citizens in her own district which was caught on several phones.  She claimed that the citizen she talked with was ignorant, racist, and dense.  She went on to berate him as not having the facts.  She called him hateful and vitriol.  So if he’s hateful, does that mean you are like Jeb Bush and full of love and compassion Renee?

That’s right, she played right into the pro-illegal get a free pass for working supported by the establishment GOP mantra led up by Jeb Bush, who is hoping his love and compassion for people who are breaking the law gets him in the White House as the “Next anointed Bush”.  Let’s see what happened with Ellmers next.

Feeling the pressure, Facebook mogul and Liberal Mark Zuckerberg, flies in for the rescue with huge amounts of campaign contributions and pro-Ellmer advertising for her firm stance for some form of amnesty.  You see Zuckerberg is an amnesty supporter and if he did not recognize that Ellmers was supporting some form of amnesty, he would have never approved supporting her.  But alas, the ad bought by Zuckerberg’s lackies includes the statement “No amnesty, period”.  This in turn prompted a great oped piece from Red State entitled “How to Lie Your Way Through a Primary”. <- Read it here for yourselves.

Then to add even more insult, Ellmers stated that her immigration views and plans were the same as Sen Mike Lee’s.  Do you know what happened next?  That’s right, Sen Lee’s office came back and refuted Ellmer’s claim and instead stated that Ellmers seems to support a form of amnesty.  How much more you need?

Here’s some good resources –

Now let me get onto the concept that giving a free pass to people who are breaking our laws is filled with love and compassion.

First the current system we have for controlling illegal immigrant flow at our borders in nonexistent.  We have laws which are supposed to prevent and allow us to control our borders, but the Federal government is blatantly ignoring the law.  The people who are pro-any-form-of-amnesty actually are not speaking up about this problem in enough ferocity.  Instead they are expounding the fact that we have the people here and need to give them some form of legal status.  They are trying to bail out a sinking ship without patching the hole where the water is entering.  This mentality is causing a huge human crisis and is effecting every citizen of this nation.

Fox News Latino recently had an article which showed an alarming rate of child and woman rapes from those entering illegal.  The wording said the women believe it’s not a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when”.  One statistic had the number as high as 90%.  Another had 40%.    I’m not going any further into the details of the article but they are pretty self explanatory.

So why is this happening?  Because we are not enforcing the laws at our borders.  The borders of the United States of America are no longer controlled by the Federal Government.  Our borders are being controlled by crime syndicates which specialize in drugs and human trafficking.  Do you realize that human trafficking is the worst it has ever been in US history?  And why is this?  Because the Federal Government has handed the borders over to crime lords.  And those in government who are more concerned with creating some form of legal status for illegals are to blame for this.  They are being complacent on the true treatment of the people who are being smuggled into the US, by trying to deflect the argument as something else.  We need to see the human tragedy that is taking place and take steps to fix that first.

So now it’s time to bring us back to NC and see the impact of compassionate immigration on the Tarheel State.  In the month of February, over 150 illegals were arrested on child molestation charges.  In the month of March, that number increased to over 250.  In a 2 month period over 400 illegals were arrested for child molestation in North Carolina alone.  I can assure you that some of these people arrested where not first time offenders.  Want some proof?  Let’s look no further than in Winston-Salem, where the police arrested 40 illegals after a raid on their prostitution house.  The 40 were trafficking illegals over the border and forcing them into prostitution.  So the question remains, “why did they think they could get away with it?”  Because it wasn’t the first time they did it.  At least one of the individuals in question were charged and convicted for the same crime in 2011.  But since he was working illegal in society he was given a light sentence and allowed to stay in the country.  This is simply disgusting and needs to become the forefront of the arguments on immigration.

People with vet the compassionate immigration reform mantra often say that these individuals take on jobs Americans don’t want.  Look at these articles and ask if these are the jobs those politicians are talking about?

Here’s what we as a nation needs to do.

#1  We need to enforce the law.  Enforcing the law means securing the border and making sure we take back control of the inflow of people into our nation.

#2 Streamline the current legal immigration process.  We do not need a new form of entry into this nation by going around our current laws.  The only thing that will do is empower those who currently control our borders and embolden them to do even more.  We have a human crisis right now.  If we do this we will turn the crisis into a devastating tragedy.

We need to vote in candidates who share this view.  In the case of Renee Ellmers, we need to retire her in the primary.  If she makes it to the general election, both candidates would support the crisis and it will have been for naught.  People in NC CD-2 need to look towards Frank Roche as the answer to this.  He understands there is a problem and he will fight for the fix rather than open the problem up even further.

As a shout out to my friends in Ohio, we need to get John Boehner out.  He is just like Ellmers in his thought of compassionate comprehensive immigration reform.  We do not need him as speaker any more and I believe we can even defeat him in the primary.  My support goes to a school teacher.  JD Winteregg is the candidate who I believe will fight for this issue and he has the best chance of defeating the speaker in the primary.  That’s right I want to outright retire the speaker before he has a chance to take a seat in Congress in 2015.  Just take a look over this list and see the differences between JD and the Speaker.

A third candidate I am going to mention is Dave Brat.  He is running against Eric Cantor who falls in line with Ellmers and Boehner.  Cantor has been quoted as saying that compassionate comprehensive immigration reform would be an economical boon to this nation.  Brat, who happens to be a Ph.D. in Economics stated – Cantor’s form of immigration “lowers wages, adds to unemployment, and the taxpayer pays the tab for any benefits to folks coming in.”  I’m not going to argue with an economist on an economic issue that is this important.

There are so many races out there that can fall in line with this issue.  I am once again challenging all of you to go and do your research to find the right candidates.  We are facing one of the worst human tragedy stories in history and we have no one willing to do anything about it at the moment.  I believe if we get the right people in we can start moving in the right direction.  It’s up to us to hold our elected officials responsible for their views on issues and the actions they take.  We need to make a statement during the primaries and make the government understand this is for real.


JD Winteregg has come up with his BEST Plan for immigration.  The ‘S’ in his plan is “Secure the Borders”.  This is something we need to see.  The plan also has provisions that pays for itself.  It’s a very good plan that’s worth a look.