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Immigration: The True Story of Compassionate Comprehensive Reform

I have heard so much about the issue of immigration that I had to take the time and give my view.

A few weeks ago NC Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R) (CD-2), revealed here continue position on illegals in the state of NC by publicly berating celebrated Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.  In her tirade she called Ingraham “Ignorant” and then went off on this wild talking in the third person monologue which stressed the point that “Renee Ellmers thinks for herself!”  Ellmers made a fool out of herself by attacking someone who knows more about national security than the freshman Congresswoman.

Well we could have chalked this up as a gaffe, but the very next week Ellmers was at it again, this time attacking citizens in her own district which was caught on several phones.  She claimed that the citizen she talked with was ignorant, racist, and dense.  She went on to berate him as not having the facts.  She called him hateful and vitriol.  So if he’s hateful, does that mean you are like Jeb Bush and full of love and compassion Renee?

That’s right, she played right into the pro-illegal get a free pass for working supported by the establishment GOP mantra led up by Jeb Bush, who is hoping his love and compassion for people who are breaking the law gets him in the White House as the “Next anointed Bush”.  Let’s see what happened with Ellmers next.

Feeling the pressure, Facebook mogul and Liberal Mark Zuckerberg, flies in for the rescue with huge amounts of campaign contributions and pro-Ellmer advertising for her firm stance for some form of amnesty.  You see Zuckerberg is an amnesty supporter and if he did not recognize that Ellmers was supporting some form of amnesty, he would have never approved supporting her.  But alas, the ad bought by Zuckerberg’s lackies includes the statement “No amnesty, period”.  This in turn prompted a great oped piece from Red State entitled “How to Lie Your Way Through a Primary”. <- Read it here for yourselves.

Then to add even more insult, Ellmers stated that her immigration views and plans were the same as Sen Mike Lee’s.  Do you know what happened next?  That’s right, Sen Lee’s office came back and refuted Ellmer’s claim and instead stated that Ellmers seems to support a form of amnesty.  How much more you need?

Here’s some good resources –

Now let me get onto the concept that giving a free pass to people who are breaking our laws is filled with love and compassion.

First the current system we have for controlling illegal immigrant flow at our borders in nonexistent.  We have laws which are supposed to prevent and allow us to control our borders, but the Federal government is blatantly ignoring the law.  The people who are pro-any-form-of-amnesty actually are not speaking up about this problem in enough ferocity.  Instead they are expounding the fact that we have the people here and need to give them some form of legal status.  They are trying to bail out a sinking ship without patching the hole where the water is entering.  This mentality is causing a huge human crisis and is effecting every citizen of this nation.

Fox News Latino recently had an article which showed an alarming rate of child and woman rapes from those entering illegal.  The wording said the women believe it’s not a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when”.  One statistic had the number as high as 90%.  Another had 40%.    I’m not going any further into the details of the article but they are pretty self explanatory.

So why is this happening?  Because we are not enforcing the laws at our borders.  The borders of the United States of America are no longer controlled by the Federal Government.  Our borders are being controlled by crime syndicates which specialize in drugs and human trafficking.  Do you realize that human trafficking is the worst it has ever been in US history?  And why is this?  Because the Federal Government has handed the borders over to crime lords.  And those in government who are more concerned with creating some form of legal status for illegals are to blame for this.  They are being complacent on the true treatment of the people who are being smuggled into the US, by trying to deflect the argument as something else.  We need to see the human tragedy that is taking place and take steps to fix that first.

So now it’s time to bring us back to NC and see the impact of compassionate immigration on the Tarheel State.  In the month of February, over 150 illegals were arrested on child molestation charges.  In the month of March, that number increased to over 250.  In a 2 month period over 400 illegals were arrested for child molestation in North Carolina alone.  I can assure you that some of these people arrested where not first time offenders.  Want some proof?  Let’s look no further than in Winston-Salem, where the police arrested 40 illegals after a raid on their prostitution house.  The 40 were trafficking illegals over the border and forcing them into prostitution.  So the question remains, “why did they think they could get away with it?”  Because it wasn’t the first time they did it.  At least one of the individuals in question were charged and convicted for the same crime in 2011.  But since he was working illegal in society he was given a light sentence and allowed to stay in the country.  This is simply disgusting and needs to become the forefront of the arguments on immigration.

People with vet the compassionate immigration reform mantra often say that these individuals take on jobs Americans don’t want.  Look at these articles and ask if these are the jobs those politicians are talking about?

Here’s what we as a nation needs to do.

#1  We need to enforce the law.  Enforcing the law means securing the border and making sure we take back control of the inflow of people into our nation.

#2 Streamline the current legal immigration process.  We do not need a new form of entry into this nation by going around our current laws.  The only thing that will do is empower those who currently control our borders and embolden them to do even more.  We have a human crisis right now.  If we do this we will turn the crisis into a devastating tragedy.

We need to vote in candidates who share this view.  In the case of Renee Ellmers, we need to retire her in the primary.  If she makes it to the general election, both candidates would support the crisis and it will have been for naught.  People in NC CD-2 need to look towards Frank Roche as the answer to this.  He understands there is a problem and he will fight for the fix rather than open the problem up even further.

As a shout out to my friends in Ohio, we need to get John Boehner out.  He is just like Ellmers in his thought of compassionate comprehensive immigration reform.  We do not need him as speaker any more and I believe we can even defeat him in the primary.  My support goes to a school teacher.  JD Winteregg is the candidate who I believe will fight for this issue and he has the best chance of defeating the speaker in the primary.  That’s right I want to outright retire the speaker before he has a chance to take a seat in Congress in 2015.  Just take a look over this list and see the differences between JD and the Speaker.

A third candidate I am going to mention is Dave Brat.  He is running against Eric Cantor who falls in line with Ellmers and Boehner.  Cantor has been quoted as saying that compassionate comprehensive immigration reform would be an economical boon to this nation.  Brat, who happens to be a Ph.D. in Economics stated – Cantor’s form of immigration “lowers wages, adds to unemployment, and the taxpayer pays the tab for any benefits to folks coming in.”  I’m not going to argue with an economist on an economic issue that is this important.

There are so many races out there that can fall in line with this issue.  I am once again challenging all of you to go and do your research to find the right candidates.  We are facing one of the worst human tragedy stories in history and we have no one willing to do anything about it at the moment.  I believe if we get the right people in we can start moving in the right direction.  It’s up to us to hold our elected officials responsible for their views on issues and the actions they take.  We need to make a statement during the primaries and make the government understand this is for real.


JD Winteregg has come up with his BEST Plan for immigration.  The ‘S’ in his plan is “Secure the Borders”.  This is something we need to see.  The plan also has provisions that pays for itself.  It’s a very good plan that’s worth a look.



#GOHTeam Kicking in the Doors of the Capitol

Imagine if you will another time and another place.  We are sitting in Boston eagerly anticipating news about the front.  We are untrained, poor, weary, and yet we are undeterred.  We have been in a few battles so far.  Some battles went OK, while others went just wrong.  We have been among those who have been over taxed, over regulated, and over burdened.  We have been among those who have had to answer to a government which has created so many programs to control our lives that we have lost our own identity of freedom.  We have been chastised by some who feel that this government is there to take care of us while all in the same we give up all aspects of freedom in which we sought when we came to this city.  We have finally realized that the government which is running us cares nothing about us, but rather they care about control and power.  We have become fed up with this atrocity and have decided to join in taking a stand.  We become known as Patriots.  We become known as defenders of freedom. 

Now the big question is at hand.  “Is this the 1770’s or 2014?”

It seems we are now in a time of history repeating itself.  We live in a nation with an overreaching government which is now trying to move to control every aspect of our lives.  We have an atmosphere in our capitol of it’s more important to get along than to actually represent the people who actually put voted us in.  The amazing thought about this is that we sent these people to DC with the intension of them representing the ideas and concepts we believe in.  We have politicians who are told that the most important thing to do for their country is to get reelected when they first get to Congress.  We now have a government which has allowed the representatives in Congress to be held unaccountable for their actions for the sake of “Progress”.   We have a broken system and we as a nation are feeling more defenseless than ever.

Next question.  “What can we do?”

In the 1770’s Patriots took to arms.  The times we live in are different from those times as the remnant of what was created in that first revolution still remains.  The Founding Documents which govern this nation are still recognized with power, yet the current government is weakening this power daily.  We are at a critical crossroads in this nation due to the fact if we do not act now, we may not be able to act once everything is completely taken away.  We need to figure a way to reestablish the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and I believe we must reenact the Declaration of Independence in order to save this nation.  We must take these documents and use them as the foundation towards the future of this nation.  Progressives are leading this nation away from these documents and we need to do everything in our power to stop them.  As we continue on we will talk about the steps we as a people need to take to turn this ship away from the Progressive ice-burg.

“Who are the Progressives?”

The Progressive are a group of people who are trying to lead this nation to accept a status quo of mediocrity.  They try to create government programs to fix everything and have reach in all aspects of life.  They fall in all circles of life, from Democrats to Republicans.  They have taken over the leadership in each party quietly and cunningly.  They want the people of America to just be quiet and allow their plan to take effect.  They believe what is best for America is to eliminate the middle class, have a very small inner circle upper class of their friends, and have a lower class which is living comfortable on the generosity of the government itself.  They want to bring America into a global environment which allows us to eliminate our sovereignty while adhering to the rules of this world.  When it all comes down to it, they want to run our lives.

“So what’s the big deal?”

If you asked that question please go find another blog because it seems you like the concept of being dependant on others and not having a life of your own.  If the Progressive plan takes full hold we lose everything for both ourselves and our future generations.  We lose our freedom of Religion.  We lose our freedom of speech.  We lose the ability to defend ourselves by bearing arms.  We lose the ability to have our states buffer us against the overreach of the Federal Government.  We lose the rights to our children.  We lose the right to become what we want.  We lose the right to dream or succeed.  Do I even have to go on?  I hope you get the picture here.  Everything IS at stake.

“But this is not the 1770’s, how do you expect us to be able to act against the government we are facing right now?”

I am first and foremost saying that we DO NOT need to take up arms in the day we live.  What we do need to do is to take up our voice and make a difference in the upcoming elections.  For years I have been hearing how people are fed up with the current government, yet there has never been a way to make a difference.  People have become very discouraged at the corruption which has become the election process and the lack of those who enforce it to do anything at all.  We have seen how the establishment of both parties have come up and falsely destroyed candidates who the people know stand for them.  We have seen this and we wonder if we could ever break through.

But then again we have also seen the establishment fail to prevent people’s candidates from being elected against all odds.  We have seen people rise up who are not backed by the party leadership and win despite being black-balled and having all funds withheld because the leadership did not necessarily think they were the proper candidate to represent the party.  Yeah I’m talking about you, GOP!  Your blatant disrespect for the people of America and their choices for political offices have become a sick and twisted joke that needs to end.  When did the Party of Reagan become a bedfellow for the establishment?  You supposedly represent the people, but if the people choose a candidate who you don’t like, then you blackball that candidate and cut off all or most of their party funding.  It is like a little child saying if you don’t like the rules I create or the game I chose, then I’m taking my ball home and you can figure out how to play without it. 

So how do we change this?

This is the image I see.  We the People of the United States of America reestablish our control over our government by storming the doors of the US Capitol and kicking in the doors.  We do this by standing with Louis Gohmert in his effort to take this nation back for the people.  His new program which is called the GOH Conservative PAC is the neutralizer.  What Rep Gohmert is doing is gathering like-minded candidates for the US House of Representatives and making sure they are not left behind.  This PAC is assuring that the playing field is leveled by funding those candidates which the GOP leadership refuses to help.  The #GOHTeam will look over each candidate and determine if they support the priorities of the GOH Conservative PAC.  See here –   If it is found that the candidate is a true representative of the people, GOH Conservative PAC will jump in and support the candidate even when the GOP leadership will not. 

Now imagine this.  A group of representatives who stand together in one accord to change DC for we the people is sent to DC to kick in the doors of the Capitol and take this nation back for us.  We have just sent our chosen Patriots to the front lines to fight and take back an overreaching and out-of-control government.  We have just started to even the playing field to remove those who oppress the people and replace them with those who fight for us.

The GOH Conservative PAC is a weapon we can use.  It is a tool to move towards a future where our children and grandchildren will be free to attain the greatness which our Creator has endowed in them.  It will happen only when we stand in one accord.  For too many years we have stood by almost in a state of helplessness as our country and our freedoms have been stripped away from us.  Now we have a chance to make a difference for our children and our children’s children and every generation that comes after to beat back the oppression which is overtaking our land.

The critics have been out in full force against this concept.  But they do not come out because they think it’s a bad plan, they come out because they understand that this plan could work and they could lose their control over what they have so carefully stolen from each of us.  The leadership of each party and their partners in the media, education, and the big business rich fear an uprising from the people in which they lose their grip on power.  We have a chance to take away their power. 

If you would like to join me in kicking in the doors of the Capitol, please join GOH Conservative PAC and let’s do this together.

Join by clicking the link –


It’s About the Tactics

All right folks, I feel it’s time to change the rhetoric. 

I have been thinking and it seems to me that the Democrats have never really stopped using the same tactics they used shortly after the Civil War.  Some people will look at me as insane for such a comment and I’ve often researched and blogged about the racism within the Democrat Party.  But today as I was thinking something else came to me, “What if it is not truly about race?  What if it is about the tactics?”

 You see shortly after the Civil War the Democrats created the KKK as an extension of their party.  Everyone knew the KKK was part of the Democrats.  But I say to you that the KKK was not totally created to incite and rally racial hate towards blacks, but instead the KKK was created to intimidate & scare people into either voting for the Democrats or not voting at all.  Throughout the years the KKK was used to terrify people into staying home on Election Day if they even though about voting against the Democrats.  Yes the fact that they used racism to start the political thug atmosphere, but I believe the number one goal was control through intimidation and fear. 

To prove my point there is one common fact that is often overlooked when talking about America’s racial tension and the violent outcome it often had throughout the years.  The fact is not everyone lynched was black.

The KKK was founded on three different occasions in American history. 

The first time was founded after the Civil War in 1865.  Its first goals were seen as reestablishing white supremacy through violence against blacks and Republicans.  It ultimately grew to increasing intimidation and fear in order to drive Republicans out of office.  As an example of the intimidation, in 1868 even though St. Landry Parrish, LA had a majority of 1,071 registered Republicans not a single one voted in the elections due to the threat of violence against them and their families.  In April 1868, Columbia County Georgia had 1,022 votes for Republican governor candidate Rufus Bullock.  In November of that same year, the Republican presidential candidate received only one vote due to the fear and intimidation of the Democrat lead KKK.

The second KKK was founded in 1915 and included the practice of burning crosses.  They changed their direction towards including candidates who were anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, pro-urbanization, and pro-prohibition.  They courted any candidate who agreed with the majority of their positions.    It was during this time where the KKK became entrenched into the political dynamics of America.  They took over big cities where they thought they could maintain control over entire states.  In the South, the Democrat Party was still near 100% of the total KKK populous.  The KKK had so much power that they nearly took over the statehouse of Alabama by 1926.  In 1927 a rogue sector of the KKK started a violent campaign in Alabama which was delivered with a major backlash in the media.  It was the start of the way media would sway the people in the future.

The Third KKK has been around since 1946.  It was created to thwart the Civil Rights movement.  The KKK was used by Democrat run states and townships to be thugs on the front lines.  They were implicated in bombings, lynching, and more violent activity against the local laws of the land.  The Democrat run cities often sent the KKK in to attack people prior to their intervention so that they could cause as much damage as they could without the police being implicated.  The third KKK was an outcrop extension of political idealisms by the Southern Democrats. 

These times in America were a time of evil and human tragedy.  To this day it is accounted that during the Civil Rights the KKK inspired the lynching of 3,446 black Americans.  The main reason for this senseless violence was to maintain one form of political control by conducting malicious practices to allow it to be legal.  The one fact that people tend to ignore is that 1,247 white Americans were also lynched.  The main thing that these people had in common was they were on the same side for freedom.  They were members of every race.  They had different skin tones.  Yet they all believed that God gave each of us, all of us our unalienable rights.  They were black and Republicans who fought on the same side against an insidious evil.  They were heroes in our American story.

Then how did the view of America change?

I believe the Democratic Party foresaw the fact that the race issue would eventually turn and that they would need a way to deflect it from themselves onto the Republicans.  I believe they were opportunistic when a Democrat President signed Civil Rights legislation into law.  This was their chance to take hold of the race issue and erase their years of using racism as a means of their stepping stool towards intimidation and fear.  They seized the moment and turned the opposition into racists even though 98% of Republican behind the Civil Rights issue where the Democrats were actually 40% behind it.  Even though it was a Republican issue, the Democrats took credit for it and turned it into a cry today. 

But whatever happened to their number one strategy of intimidation and fear? 

The KKK had run its course and they needed to look for another way to take control. 

As you remember during the second reign of the KKK, news media backlash was huge in its decline.  The advent of news media was the tool the Democrats were looking for in order to usher in a new wave of control. 

The Democrat Party entered into two of the largest institutions of America and did a gradual hostile takeover. 

First they had been entering into the school system for years.  If they can control the minds of the children they can control the future.  They became the headmasters who trained and brainwashed a new generation of politician to guide this nation to where thought it should be.  They made gradual changes in Republicans as well to make them lean more towards the ideals of Democrats and created an extreme form of Democrat which became so enamored with control that they now do things upon proclamation rather than due process as outlined in our laws.  They also trained these people to listen and believe the mainstream news outlets for their “facts”.  They also infused in these children’s minds to vote only for Democrats and not Republicans (a recent film at a Virginia University showed students will vote for a Democrat candidate even when the names of the candidates were made up ~ now that’s higher education!).

Secondly to replace the KKK they decided to send their best into the main stream news outlets.  These individuals started to come into power during the latter part of Reagan and continue to this day.  Note I didn’t say these people started to enter the media during this time, it’s just they started taking it over during this time.  Their full power came during the time of Bush Senior.  They started to allow time for those Democrats who would portray fear into the minds of the public to sway them into either voting for Democrats or not voting at all (sounds familiar doesn’t it?).  They also turned their eyes away from what they called “non-news” stories where Democrats (especially led by unions) went to people and intimidated them to vote for a Democrat or not vote (pattern?). 

So the KKK was started to intimidate and scare people into either voting for a Democrat or not voting at all.  Now the main stream news outlets are scaring people and allowing those who intimidate people to sway people to either vote Democrat or not vote at all.  I say that the Democrat Party has never truly changed their tactics.  They only switched them from the KKK to the MSM.

What is there main tactic today?

In 2009 the advent of the Tea Party came to light.  The Tea Party caught the Democrats way off guard.  They even caught off guard the new version of Republicans who have been tailored to think more on the ideals of the Democrats.  The main reason I believe this took them off guard was due to a news station that didn’t follow the script written for the MSM at that time.  Fox News (even though they are a bit off at times) allowed the Tea Party the light of day.  I cannot say enough about the influence of Glenn Beck as well.  Just to have an outlet where you can be recognized as a movement was huge for the people of America. 

The advent of the Tea Party has put the Democrats into panic mode and continues today.  The Democrat influenced MSM is trying to paint the Tea Party as a group of back woods, white, racist, hate mongering, Republican splitting, KKK loving, wife beating idiots who know nothing but trying to destroy America.  The MSM tries to implant fear into the hearts of every American by using both its media tentacles and the minds which they have brainwashed in higher education to spread lies and fallacies about what the Tea Party is.  They try and intimidate Americans by stating that the Tea Party is an extreme, anti-American, terrorist group which is trying to overthrow the government. 

Let’s review what the Tea Party is and what they are not.

The original Boston Tea Party was an event to protest the tyrannical rule of England over the Colonies.  The Colonies recognized that England was engaging in practices to control them and oppress any freedoms they may have.  They understood that through illegal and unethical taxes that England was preventing them to have any chance of success in this new land for which they sought freedom.  In essence the colonial Tea Party was part of a movement for freedom from a government which has overreached its power and oppressed the people through taxation and other practices.

In a much similar fashion the Tea Party of today is a movement.  No matter how much the MSM wants to paint them as a group, this is not what the modern Tea Party is.  It was brought together when people actually started reading the Constitution of the United States and understanding what it meant.  It is a movement that feels that the Federal Government of today is becoming like the England during Colonial America.  We are a movement of people gathering together and realizing that this nation should never return to the state where we are ruled by the few and have our rights and freedoms taken away.  We are very much like the 4,693 documented black and white Republicans who were hanging from trees because they believed in freedom for all.  The Tea Party is a movement for the people and by the people.  We are of every race, every religion, and every gender.  We are old and we are young.  We have no leaders but we appoint and vote in those who speak for the people of America.  We have our candidates, not because they are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent, but because they listen to and are one of us. 

So why is the Tea Party movement being attacked in the way it is?  It’s because those which are in control understand that they should not be in control.  The ones who should be in control are the people of America.  The establishment is truly afraid of the people.  Those politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, which have in their mind the direction for which this country is suppose to go are afraid the people of America are going to change that direction.  They are also afraid that the direction the people choose will in turn benefit the people and not the establishment.  Those in the MSM, who are an extension of these politicians, have been given the OK to demonize the Tea Party in order to (hear come those words again) cause fear and intimidate which force people into voting for the establishment candidate or not vote at all. 

Well look at that.  The same tactics used by the Democrat Party formed KKK are the same tactics the establishment uses today.  Only the letters KKK have been replaced by MSM. 

So next time we look at a report trying to demonize the Tea Party we need to understand the back ground of these baseless accusations and name calling.  We need to understand that this is nothing more than a tactic to spread fear and intimidation to keep the powers that be in power.  We need to see that when the establishment is attacking the Tea Party they are actually attacking the people which means ultimately they are attacking you!  You are being called a racist, a terrorist, a monster.  Your government leaders do not want you to understand how much power you have.  They do not want you to understand that you were given unalienable rights by your Creator and that those rights allow you to be in control of them.

This is a call to stand strong and understand.  Do research and do not be left in the dark.  Do not allow the MSM to intimidate you.  Do not allow those who try and suppress you to place fear in your hearts.  Look for those people who are like you and will listen to you.  Vote them in.  Do not just vote them in during the general elections; vote them in during the primaries.  Find out who stands for you and stand behind them and hold them up.  They will need you to join them in this fight for freedom.  They are willing to step in for you to take the arrows of the enemy and still represent you no matter what attack is sent their way.  Be willing to do your part and back them as needed.

Do your part and fight for Freedom!


For more information on the true history of the Republican and Democrat party

Lesson Learned: School Choice is About Expanding Government’s Reach

I know that I am probably stepping on a bunch of toes here, but it needs to be said.  As my wife ran for our county’s school board, I learned a lot from her.  And as she learned, she was willing to take the hard stands.  She was ahead of her times in issues that are now coming to light and people are seeing as very bad.  For example, one of these issues was the destruction that the Common Core Standards will bring on this nation.  She fought this issue in debates and hopefully educated many people to its ultimate goal of turning our children into Socialists.  Here’s one issue she brought up that I have had time to ponder and now is the time to bring it forward before too many people get caught up in this trap.

It took me a bit, but I watched carefully to make a better judgment on this issue.  One thing my wife became very critical about during her run was charter schools.  Charter schools are the corner stone of school choice.  These charter schools are being offered as an alternative to the current public schools we have.  Another aspect of school choice was vouchers or tax breaks for private and home school families.  All these aspects look good from the surface but are not when we dig down into the weeds.

First, let’s lay the groundwork for this concept by introducing you to the Common Core Standards.  The Common Core is an established concept to bring every student onto an even playing field throughout the education process.  May people will say that this is a good thing but the problem is that it concentrates on lowering the overall level of what is learned educationally while at the same time overwhelming students with social concepts to advance political agendas which will push this nation towards a Socialist society using the children.  The goal is to have every child “learning” under the banner of Common Core no matter where they are being educated.

Does that scare you?  It should.  The true goal of Common Core is to destroy the republic for which we live and to become a true Marxist utopia under which every child embraces the goodness of the Socialist agenda.  If you do not believe me, do the research for yourself.  You see I believe in you doing your own research, where those who support the concepts of Common Core want you to just take their word for how good it is.  If you fall for their word, you’ll fall for anything.

Now back to school choice.

The glory of school choice has been deemed the charter school.  Charter schools have been deemed as an alternative to “public” schools while being independently run separately from the “public” education system.  They are being run by independent boards who supposedly answer to a parent committee in most cases.  Supposedly these committees are doing the bidding of the parents to give their children a better education than a normal “public” school.  All sounds good but once again let’s look a little deeper.

Something really unsettled me about charter schools a couple of weeks ago.  In a headline I saw where a state’s education board was asking for a larger budget for charter schools.  So why should that be so troubling?  It’s troubling because the government is involved. 

You see charter schools are really public schools.  The only difference is that charter schools have no accountability to the local community in how they run their education and what type of curriculum the students receive.  Yes, the parents feel they have some power because they have a say in how some things are run, but ultimately whoever has the money runs the school.  In nearly all cases of charter schools the money comes from above the community level and charter schools are actually schools run by state and Federal levels. 

This should concern everyone who is a parent with a child at a charter school.  Since the money is coming from higher levels the curriculum is being handed down to these schools from those higher levels.  The current curriculums that are being handed out are now trending towards enveloping the children in the Common Core Standards.  As these schools become more enveloped into the Common Core, there will be nothing the local communities can do because they have given up their schools to higher levels of government.  The ultimate plan is for the charter schools to overtake the current “public” school model and to put all locally run “public” schools out of business.  If this happens the people who have their children in the public school system loose all “choice” in how their children are being taught.

The next level of school choice is vouchers and tax breaks. 

Let’s review a concept we derived from looking at the charter schools.  If a level of government has placed money into something, they expect control over that which they are financing.  With this basic understanding in place, what would stop the government from forcing private and home school student to learn from the Common Core if there is money at stake?  The answer is ~ NOTHING!

My first warning is to parents of private school students.  If you or your private school takes government money, expect the government to expect something from you. 

I know for a fact that several private schools are moving towards the Common Core Standards.  The reason for this is because the government has their hands on the school in some fashion.  When you look at how you will see some form of money trail.  This money trail may also include the vouchers and tax breaks taken by the parents.  The government believes that if they are redistributing tax money around, then they should have the ultimate say in how things are run.  This is a way they are now infiltrating several private schools throughout the nation.

Parents of children in private schools, you need to find out about the curriculum in your child’s school and if they are moving towards the Common Core today.  If you do not do this, it will be your own fault when this nation is lost in the future.  Yes, this concept is harsh, but it will be even worse if it happens.  If your private school is moving towards Common Core, maybe it’s time to look for education somewhere else.

That somewhere else could be home school.  From one home school parent to another, I do have a warning, do not take money or breaks from the government.  The more independent we are from the government, the better our children’s education will be.

Same as the private schools, if the government sends you a check for school choice to home school your kids, they will eventually expect control of the curriculum in the future. 

Time to step on more toes as I am going to give a real life example of how this works.

The churches in America have sold out to their tax exempt status.  In early America the preachers of this great nation stood up to the politicians and became the very people who molded this nation into greatness.  Once the government offered a bribe to the churches in America, the churches folded under the greed of the day and handed over their voice.  Now they water down everything from the pulpit as to not look too “political” in case the government is listening.  Because of the actions of the church, and their lack of actions, the morals of America are now in continual decline. 

If this has happened to the church in America, it will be the same with home school.  The government expects the church to shut up and say what they want them to say in order to protect their precious “tax exempt status”.  Once the government gets established in handing out money to home school parents, they will expect the same thing from you.  They will work to make you dependent on this money and scare you that they will take it away if you do not teach the way they want you to. 

Another warning to home school parents is to read your school books over very carefully.  Some home school books that are being sold are now leaning toward adapting the Common Core.  We found this out buying our books last year and it should concern every home school parent who reads this.

School choice is about trying to make the people dependant on the government to pay for their children’s education through a redistribution of tax money no matter where these children are being educated.  If we take the hand-out, the government will work to get something in return.  Our children are too vital to get caught up in this, but that’s exactly what the government wants.  The government wants to give us a bribe in order to take full control of our children’s future.

To quote my wife, “You can’t expect to take something from the government and not expect them to take something in return.”

So why have we not seen this coming?  To once again quote my wife, “We don’t think wicked.”  The normal person does not see a devious plan in things that are coming from the government.  But ultimately, that is what we are getting here.  We need to resist the bribe the government is offering and continue to address our children’s education through the best ways we see fit.  We as parents know what is best for our children.  We need to get the government out of raising and educating our children and we need a true voice in this process. 

As a home school parent, I will not take a tax break or voucher if offered.  I will work with my wife to find the best education for our children.  I have seen our children excel in all areas of education and I know that as we continue to pray about their education and act as we feel led, they will continue to excel.  Our children are too vital to compromise in this area and we will do what we can to give them the best as God wills.


UPDATE 1: So the very next day after I published my article this was published from Maine ~  GO MAINE!

A Brief Illustration

I’m kinda sick and tired of the Liberal bias out there so I thought of an illustration to explain it –

const vs comm

Hope this explains a few things.

~ J.C.

A Bit More Ammunition

As I pointed out in a previous blog on Population Manipulation, I stated that the voting numbers in North Carolina seemed funny due to the massive increase in voter registration between the 2nd primary and the general election.  I pointed this out as circumstantial evidence towards the concept of population manipulation or the modern version of gerrymandering.  I also found that Nevada had the same exact percentage increase in voter registration between their primary and the general election.  This was even more circumstantial evidence supporting this theory.

Now comes more evidence.

The results for the general election for Lt. Governor of North Carolina had Republican Dan Forest defeating Democrat Linda Coleman by just over 10,000 votes.  If the number of votes separating these two candidates got below 10,000 then Coleman could ask for a recount.  After the night of the election was over, the state started counting the provisional votes which eventually took Coleman to only trailing by around 7,000 votes.  She had enough votes to demand the recount.

The prediction:

The day after the election I saw warning after warning about how Linda Coleman was going to try and steal the election through provisional votes and a recount.  I read this and based on my analysis I stated that even if Coleman got close enough, she would not demand a recount due to the fact a recount could expose both population manipulation and possible voter fraud.  I figured she would play this out enough where it would seem like she wanted a recount and then pull the request at the last minute.  I figured that even if she wanted the recount herself, she would be told by higher ranking Democrats to stop the fight.

What Happened?

On November 19, 2012, Linda Coleman conceded her election bid.  This was done even while the numbers continued to narrow the gap between Coleman and Forest.  Just six days earlier she was pushing for a recount but suddenly had the change in heart that made Dan Forest the new Lt Governor of North Carolina. 

The funniest part about this was that this was a surprise to some people.  For those who saw my post, I feel this is vindication for what I’ve been saying.  That sheer magnitude of the lack of recounts in the 2012 Election tells me that I am right on target with what I’ve been saying.  The Liberals have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent any recounts from happening this election for a good reason.  That reason is that they would be exposed. 

Problem is, “We the People”, are not stupid enough to let this junk get by us.

J. C.

Option #3 – Save America or Break It

“The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one vote.” ~ Article I, Section 3, Constitution of the United States

Contrary to popular belief, Senators in the United States Senate are not representatives of the United States of America.  Intent in the Constitution was to create two state representatives to fight for state issues at the Federal level.  Therefore, Senators should be viewed as members from a certain state, appointed from that certain state.

The House of Representatives was created to choose members from different states which would be Representatives of the United States of America to deal with national level issues.  These individuals would be the point on defense and monetary issues which directly involve this nation’s place in the world.  They were designed to be America’s voice in creating laws of the land.  They voted with the intent of putting the needs of the country first.

The Senate was designed in a whole different manner.  At the start of this country, each Senator was chosen by state legislature and not by a citizen vote.  There was an understanding that a Senator was designed to be a representative of the state for which they came.  They were voting on issues at the Federal level with the understanding that they were putting the best interest of the people of their state first. 

In May of 1912, the Congress of the United States passed the 17th Amendment.  The 17th Amendment changed how a Senator was chosen and in essence put the Senate on a path for which is was never intended to take.

“The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote.” ~ Opening sentence for the 17th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States

The 17th Amendment established that the vote of the people will choose both state’s Senators.  Since we have established the fact that Senators are representatives of their respective state, we should see this reflected in the popular vote system.  The problem with this is that is has turned into an abused system where the major populous metropolitan areas of a state area hoarding the votes and controlling the choice for each Senator.  In essence this means that Senators have stopped being representatives of a state, and instead have become representative of a few cities in a state.  Also since the mix of demographics in nearly every major metropolitan center of America is the same, these Senators have become nothing more that national, city-level representatives that do not truly represent their own state.

So let’s go to a great example: Harry Reid!

Harry Reid is the poster child of being a city-level representative Senator.  In the election of 2010, Senator Reid won the popular vote of Nevada by a little over 41,000 votes against opponent Sharron Angle.  In the election Reid won only three of Nevada’s 17 counties.  This means that inside the state of Nevada, 14 counties, or 82.4% of the counties were not represented in the vote.  Two of the three counties Reid won hold the cities of Reno, Las Vegas, and Henderson in them.  These three metropolitan areas ruled the rest of the state.  Reno, Henderson, and Las Vegas are contained within Washoe and Clark counties.  In this election Reid won these two counties by over 68,000 votes.  He lost the rest of the state by 27,000 votes.  Senator Harry Reid is not a representative of the state of Nevada he’s a representative of Nevada’s major cities! 

What has happened in Nevada underscores the current problem we face with the Senate.  It seems the system has been hijacked so that we no longer have state representatives unless enough people in the state can stand up against the big cities which have hijacked our representation.  What we see more than often are big city representatives controlling the vote of the rest of a state.  We need a system that will bring back the representation back to the people. 

Here’s the plan.

From here on out we need to stop the major cities from taking and silencing the representation of our states.  The only way an entire state can be represented is that we need to throw out the popular vote method of winning a state.  We will still have an election, but instead of the popular vote winning a state, the popular vote will win a county.  Each county in a state will get one vote based on who wins the county.  Whichever candidate wins more of the counties represents the state!  It’s that simple.  In the case of Nevada, the 14 counties would have had the say over the three.  The majority of Nevada as a whole would have had a true representative, instead of having a few cities silence the majority of the counties.

We need to get back to having people who represent a state not a few cities.  We need to implement a system where the Senator chosen is not part of a nationwide conglomerate of major metropolitan centers working together to silence the majority of America’s counties.  We have too many people in America who are not represented properly by the intent of the Constitution.  The Constitution intended for a Senator to be a representative of their state.  It’s time to change this.

By implementing a County Based Selection Process, we can return the Senate back to its original intent.  Also this type of system would still fall in line with the intent of the 17th Amendment in that it will still allow the people to vote for and elect their Senators.  We have way too many states hijacked by cities which prevent full representation of a state.  We can fix this now.

Please contact your state legislature and have them implement a County Based Selection Process for the 2014 Senatorial Election.  We need to get this in place and law before the end of 2013.  It’s up to you to make this happen.

~ J.C.